Conned or genuine mistake.

  TonyAA 23:15 22 Aug 2005

I bought a NEC 3520 DVD-RW dual layer drive from a popular internet retailer at the beginning of the year and because of the price of dual layer disks I used it yesterday for the first time and it would not burn DVD disks.

I tried it with Nero and two other burning programs but they would not burn so I checked with Everest and Belarc and found it is a TSST corp CDW/DVD combo drive and incapable of burning a DVD far less a dual layer disk.

I have tried all day to contact firm by phone as they do not accept emails but could not get through.If I can contact them how can I prove that I am not trying it on to get new writer.Do they keep note of serial nos.

  Forum Editor 23:43 22 Aug 2005

who the retailer is would you, and exactly when you bought this drive?

  TonyAA 23:57 22 Aug 2005

The reason I only found out yesterday was that I have been using the DVD-rw drive on my old computer to save wear and tear on the new one and also waiting for the price of dual layer to drop.

I bought the drive Dec 2004 from Overclockers and no delivery note came with it and I never even thought at the time to check the drive as I have had no major problems with this firm before.I did print out the page when I ordered it and it does say NEC 3520 DVD dual layer rewriter.I also keep the copies of all visa payments.But will they believe me.

  Stuartli 11:55 23 Aug 2005

The specifications don't seem to support your analysis of the drive:

click here

  dave_and_confused 12:03 23 Aug 2005

What does the label on the actual drive state?

  €dstowe 12:06 23 Aug 2005

I would think it is most likely a genuine mistake and someone, somewhere, is enjoying a NEC 3520 device that you have paid for.

Rather late to do anything about it now. A lesson for the future, perhaps?

  Al94 16:38 23 Aug 2005

But on the other hand - nothing to lose by trying

  TonyAA 16:47 23 Aug 2005

Stuartli I don't know exactly what you are trying to say.The email printout confirming the order states - NEC ND3520 16x 16DVD+-RW Dual Layer ReWriter (Black)Total £52.14.If I remember correctly their advert stated that it was a one week offer for a special 3525 drive that could now do -dual layer over and above the +dual layer recording.

dave the actual drive is Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology CD-RW/DVD.

Tried for nearly two days now to contact them but phone just rings out or is engaged and no ringback available.I have been lucky and never had to return anything before to this lot and now realize why so many complaints on the web about them.They also seem very lax at sending out delivery notes so I would advise anyone dealing with them to make a printout of the order confirmation because if you delete the email you have no record of purchase.

I suppose that it was a mistake but now I have found out for the first time in all the years of ordering from them how virtually impossible it is to contact them I will think twice in future about using them.I actually prefer Ebuyer which keeps an onsite record of orders and RMA,s items reasonably easily but they do not usually stock the latest mobo's etc. like Overclockers.

Sore arm holding telephone so giving up.They won.

  Al94 17:46 23 Aug 2005

click here

Presume you have emailed and tried all contact points?

  Stuartli 18:03 23 Aug 2005

>>I don't know exactly what you are trying to say. The email printout confirming the order states - NEC ND3520 16x 16DVD+-RW Dual Layer ReWriter (Black)Total £52.14>>

The description of your "replacement" drive appears to possibly be a Samsung model.

I'm surprised that you didn't check that the delivery was in order whether you intended to use it or not.

However, I'm sure that if you wrote to Overclockers - its name and address plus telephone number is on the website:

click here (or use the Webnote system at: click here replies are by e-mail)

explaining the circumstances, I'm sure that they will be able to look up the order quite easily and also check whether anyone asked/requested their correct drive (i.e. Samsung) rather than the NEC.

  dave_and_confused 18:59 23 Aug 2005

Overclockers UK
Unit 40 Imex Business Park

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