Connecting to the internet problems

  [DELETED] 17:39 14 Oct 2003


I am a subscriber to internet service. I joined only a few months ago. The service was great and did not have any connectivity problems.

It seems to have turn for the worse. The connecting problems started in Late August/early September. I am on Dial-up :(.
I have complained, many times, their response was to put up the subscription charge UP, from £6.99 to £8.99 per month. They said it was to buy more surf points, to enable more traffic. that was since 1st October, the service has not improved and I am not happy. I complained more, but forwarded me advice which I think has been sent to many other people. Telling me to go V21, their parent ISP, and opt for Standard. I went to check the price as it was not mentioned which is £13.99

I feel that I shouldn't have to pay more, for a service which I am not recieving. Could you please help me , on what to do?
I have now started to keep a log, which I will send to them soon.

Please Help
(V21 website: click here
and website: click here)

Thanks in advance

  TOPCAT® 21:19 14 Oct 2003

Their service is certainly going downhill as can be seen here.

click here

I would cut my losses and change to another ISP - you can check ISPreview's readers' top ten here. TC.

click here

  [DELETED] 16:31 15 Oct 2003

I will use the evidence on the website linked. And forward the link to them, with, yet again, another e-mail complaining of the service given. If things have not improved by December we will be moving ISP, in January.

Could any one recommend a broadband ISP, excluding BT, AOL, and Tiscali. Thanks

  sil_ver 16:50 15 Oct 2003

I see PCA are running an ad for Demon. Some while ago I used its 56K service until Freeserve etc came along as they were much cheaper. Demon was the preferred choice of a lot of businesses. I use Virgin broadband and except for a recent hiccup it has been quite reliable and speedy.

  [DELETED] 16:56 15 Oct 2003

I am thinking on going to Virgin, will the hiccup, be shortly fixed, or should I wait and see. Have you tried the customer service, if so whats that like?!

  sil_ver 19:27 15 Oct 2003

Suggest you wait and see as the B's dropped me again tonight albeit not for long.

  sil_ver 19:30 15 Oct 2003

I've not tried their customer service and am not likely to at 50p a minute.

  [DELETED] 20:17 15 Oct 2003

Have used Fast4 dialup as a temporary ISP only since sept.,and have found that it is no problem connecting AM til about 5pm.
But in the evening neigh on impossible to connect.

I was paying £9.99 with click here
and had no problems and a reliable connection.
Its now £11.99 p/m

Only decided to cancel as BB became available in my area, which I now have.(not with Fast4)!!

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