CONMAN selling PC advisor ?

  cooshy 22:40 13 Jan 2003
  cooshy 22:40 13 Jan 2003

i received a phone call at work the other day asking if i would like to subscribe to pc advisor for 3 years for £45 YES! FORTY FIVE POUNDS!
the "pc advisor salesman" wanted me to give him my credit card detils over the phone - i didn't.
I asked him to call me at home that evening thinking i would ask him some probing questions about his offer and how he got my work number.
DO I SMELL A RAT ???????????????????????????????

  spuds 22:51 13 Jan 2003

Did you check 1471, for a trace-back!!.

  cooshy 22:55 13 Jan 2003

i was in work at the time and our system does not allow us to access 1471

  Djohn 23:11 13 Jan 2003

cooshy, you will find that other readers have been contacted and offered the same deal, It is legitimate. J.

  Stuartli 23:30 13 Jan 2003

How did he know where you worked?

  Forum Editor 23:42 13 Jan 2003

because you must have supplied that number when you originally subscribed. That's the only way he could have known if you think about it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:10 14 Jan 2003

For crying out is a good offer. If it was a hoax the CC company will give you back the money. Please take 2 doses of reality. *sigh x 10*


  DieSse 01:10 14 Jan 2003

Would somebody call me in Spain and make me the same offer

Pretty please with sugar on top


  Non Welsh Local 09:43 14 Jan 2003

But if it was a con and he gave his credit card details, would you then say "How stupid are some people *sigh*"
Surely it pays (excuse the pun) to err on the side of caution? To say the card credit company will cover it in the event of a fraud is taking an irresponsible view.

Perhaps you give your card details to people who you're not sure about or are suspicious of but I think it's better to be safe than sorry. Check it out first then go ahead if all is OK.

  Ranger 12:24 14 Jan 2003

Gandalf, you really are getting a grump in your old age :¬)

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