Confused Which Laptop Purchaser?

  jimnjo 18:51 01 May 2005

Yet another confused laptop purchaser
I am about to purchase a replacement laptop for my Time AMD 1.6., which incidentley has worked without fault for the last 4 years or so.

My budget is between £800 and £1200.
So far considered machines from various manufacturers, Toshiba Dell Evesham Mesh Tiny etc.
I have read the reviews in PC Advisor Magazine and web site etc and looked at recommendations from various sources.

But nobody ever explains why I should purchase a Laptop with the latest laptop processors, PCI express etc, at speeds approx 1.6GHZ when I could buy a good machine with Amd or Intel running at anything upto 3800GHZ with a 128MHZ graphics card.

I use my machine for mainly digital photography and video. Dont play many games on the machine but when I do they are usually the graphics hungry type.
Portability is not the prime reason for purchase as it will be used in the home or Motorhome.

17 Inch screens look good in the shops but will a 15.4 do just as well?.

I am just want to ensure that when I purchase the machine it will be fast, good graphics, up to date and last for a few years.

Not looking for bad reports on the various manufacturers, read them all and take them with a pinch of salt.

Hope someone can assist in the explaining why, if given the choice, I should buy, a laptop with an Intel P4 at 3GHZ or more, or the Sonoma or Centrino with PCI Express at 1.6GHZ, or AMD with their versions of laptop and desktop processors.

At one time thought I understood all about PC's processor speeds and graphic cards but now all seems so confusing especially when I look through the Intel variations.

Please help before I make an expensive mistake.



  jack 08:52 02 May 2005

We are all likely to make a mistake in so far that the day you take delivery you will see one twice the spec and half the price.

But from what I can gather not withstanding the multifarious brands and lables, these machines are made in Tiawan by about six or so makers- making either complete machine or large chunks for final assembly elsewhere - for every one.

So write a list, close your eyes, take a pin

  Total Care Support 10:09 02 May 2005

Hi jimnjo,

I was glad to read that you have been happy with the notebook that you purchased from us 4 years ago.

I partly agree with Jack the computer market is a ever changing market but i would not agree with the take a pin bit, lol.

Work out what each supplier whether us with a Time or a Tiny.COM notebook or one of our competitors can offer you, as companies we all offer different bundles so look for something that suits not only your budget but also your uses for a computer system.

If I can be of any help drop me an email and I will answer any questions that you have.

Best regards

Daniel Warren
Granville Technology
[email protected]

  jimnjo 15:20 07 May 2005

Thanks for the email support Daniel.
I have a good idea now what I am after, and getting closer to decision time.
Off to the Computer store at Sheffield sometime in the next couple of weeks for a close up of the Tiny machines then a quick browse round PCWorld and Dixons and any other computer store nearby.

Then, who knows, I may see what I am after and place an order.

Thanks again


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