Confused about Cubase PCs or Laptop choice

  LillyValley 09:11 22 Aug 2004

I'm in the process of upgrading my desktop, but I would like to opt for a manageable solution, one I can pack in a suitcase if it needs to be.
Generally I buy a new PC every 2-3 years and make the most of it.

So I thought of the Cubase PC option, which is not really easily upgradable but very affordable. Yet, a Laptop can be really fitted in a bag but laptops cost quite a bit.

I welcome your suggestions and brainstorming on this subject.

  LillyValley 09:44 22 Aug 2004

What I mean by 'making the most of it' is I research lots and lots on-line, test a great deal of software and that includes computer games, last but not least I record music onto PC.


  Forum Editor 09:49 22 Aug 2004

to be an IT support expert I'm quite surprised to see this question. Cubase is a well-known music sequencing software package - I think you mean a cube PC.

How can you possibly consider packing a cube PC (measuring around 300x200x200) and presumably a monitorinto a suitcase? These machines aren't designed to travel - that's what laptops are for, and if your budget doesn't stretch to a new one why don't you consider buying one secondhand?

click here

  LillyValley 10:25 22 Aug 2004

Yes, I meant a Cube PC.
By the way I've packed a desktop in a suitcase (except for the monitor).
Sorry, and I guess I better close the 'other' thread before I'll get slandered.

Thank you for your 'free' advise.

  Forum Editor 10:50 22 Aug 2004

or even slaughter you.

  LillyValley 12:00 22 Aug 2004

Pleased to hear. Thank you.
So, let's get on with the technical thing, shall we?
Have you used any Cube PCs? One that does not heat up? Apparently there seems to be an issue with dispersing the heat. I don't particularly want to mention makes, but apparently the Carrera CHome EZ65 seems to be a fine one, and the Mesh Media+ Cubase64 3000+Space.
ATI graphics cards seem to be the cards of choice for the Cube CPs I've checked out so far. I'd prefer a nVidia.

  Forum Editor 12:15 22 Aug 2004

in Internet cafes abroad. Everything seemed to work perfectly, but sporadic use in an internet cafe hardly ranks as in depth experience. I'm not aware of any particular problems with overheating - cubes often run on 150W PSU's - and provided you don't want to overclock you should be OK.

Things to remember about these machines are a) they are limited in terms of their expansion capabilities - usually only one PCI slot and one AGP b)They won't be any good for hard-core gaming. For general use they're fine though, and many people think the generally lower price is worth a few sacrifices. For real mobile computing however they aren't the solution - you'll be far better off with a laptop - even a second-hand one.

If you click here you'll see lots of cube configurations.

  LillyValley 22:30 22 Aug 2004

I do have a laptop already.
I'm going to travel and live, temporarily, abroad, therefore a cube pc is going to be the practical choice along with the laptop, and ... kids.

I can see that you don't know what is like to be a travelling IT person with a family. Some of us do.


  Forum Editor 01:20 23 Aug 2004

I don't know what it's like to be a travelling IT person with a family.

I'm a travelling IT person, and have been for many years - it's the way I've earned my living - but the family stays at home when I'm working.

I now understand why you're interested in the cube PC - your original comment that laptops were expensive confused me, as did your thread title 'PC's or laptop choice', especially as you now say you already have a laptop. Take a look at the link I posted - you'll see lots of cubes there.

I'm sure there'll be someone else who has more experience of cubes than me - give it a day or so.

  LillyValley 16:12 23 Aug 2004

Checking your link right now.
Thank you

PS Peace

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