The ComputerShop (TIME) Nightmare

  rickimalone 18:59 01 Apr 2004

I have just been round to my girlfriends mum's house to try and solve what I thought would be a routine PC fixing problem.

The story is in short is that the PC in question is a very old 350mhz 30mb RAM system that needed a RAM upgrade to be able to run broadband.

My girlfriends mum being 69 did not want to cause a fuss so she thought by popping into "The ComputerShop" in the highstreet would solve all, and this is where the nightmare begins.

She asked a sales assistant if they could help her as she need's some more RAM for her computer and what she needed to do?

The "sales" assistant then told her that it was simply a case of buying from him right now a:

256MB DDR RAM PC2100 ram module

Go home and open her PC and put in the RAM module

Then close back up the PC and turn it on, done!

She thought wow this is easy, then gave the sales assistant her £49.99 and went home and put in the RAM.

Now my problem with this is everyting, how on earth can the assistant just sell RAM without knowing anything about the motherboard, existing RAM module , processor OS or anything at all about the system.

He did'nt even inform her to were any kind of static band/gloves. To me this is a real case of a company with no interest over than taking an old lady's money. As a result of this the PC now does not even turn on, the power is there and I can hear the hardrive going but there is no picture I have taken out the new RAM and still no picture.


  Forum Editor 19:05 01 Apr 2004

but the loss of display is not likely to have been caused by the RAM being inserted and removed.

It's far more likely that the Graphics card has worked loose in its slot as a result of the comings and goings inside the case - have you checked it out?

You also need to check the monitor cable connection to the motherboard connector - sometimes disconnect this when upgrading and don't remake the connection properly.

  rickimalone 19:13 01 Apr 2004

your right in what you say about removing the RAM not affecting the picture, my problem is that I have no real understanding of the internal working of a PC, im fine when its on however when its open it's a different ball game.

Im going back round in the morning if anyone know's of a good site that has maybe diagram's of the motherboard, or anything that might help me see if anythings come lose it would be much appreciated.

  deke 19:25 01 Apr 2004

Try this site it has one or two video clips

click here

  rickimalone 19:50 01 Apr 2004

Thanks alot for the site it's really helped me out. nice one

  arricarry 21:24 01 Apr 2004

Hello - does this machine have a graphics card or does it share sytem memory. May have upset the settings when memory inserted/removed.

  arricarry 21:30 01 Apr 2004

try booting into safe mode and see if you get a picture on the monitor, if so you can check display settings.

  rickimalone 22:24 01 Apr 2004

I havent got access to the machine until 2moz, to be honest I cant remember seing a graphics card when removing the RAM. All of the other slots were empty, however I would not be able to identify if they were the right slots.

If it is the case that it shares memory which thinking of it I would imagine that it does, would it be possible to fix cheap??

How would I be able to boot into safe mode as I am getting no picture??? is it pless f8 on start-up??

Many thanks for you help on this.

  rickimalone 22:26 01 Apr 2004

Is the grahics card slot a particular colour?? I could identify the PCI slots as they were all empty???

  spuds 22:27 01 Apr 2004

Another site about the insides of a pc and a little more click here

  Forum Editor 22:43 01 Apr 2004

there may not be a separate graphics card - it wouldn't be necessary.

In that case it's even more likely that the monitor lead connection may be loose at the motherboard end. When your girlfriend's mother installed the RAM she may have disconnected this lead, so it's worth checking.

When you removed the new RAM did you by any chance disturb the existing RAM module (which should be in slot one on the motherboard by the way)?

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