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  grumpy-git 23:15 03 Nov 2004

Trying to put the recent new pc disaster behind me, I thought I would buy an external drive to help solve my immediate data storage problem. Checked a few web sites & found what was a good "buy" & there was 1 in stock on Saturday evening , so I immediately ordered one online. I know other people have related their "next day delivery", but I'm not stupid enough to expect it to arrive on Sunday morning. Maybe the order would be processed and despatched during Monday - wrong! here we are Wednesday evening, and the status of my order is "awaiting stock"!

Having spent hours looking at computer deals on web sites & in PC World, I remembered many people had suggested buying a pc from "your local company". So, I thought I'd give it a try & wrote an e-mail, giving details of what I wanted to use the computer for, and sent it on Monday morning. Half way through the afternoon, got an e-mail back "returned mail, user unknown". Checked the address, it was correct, so looked again at their web site, and there was a feedback from - so I used that. Funny thing was the feedback form was just an e-mail, and it was sent to exactly the same address that failed earlier in the day.

By Tuesday morning there were no more "returned mail" mesaages, so I thought I would leave it to see if I got a reply. By lunchtime, nothing, so I decided to ring them, half expecting the 'phone line to be dead and the business closed, but it was answered, and I asked if they had got my e-mail. Yes, was the reply. As it is only a few miles from where I live, I suggested I could go in & have a chat with them, but they asked for my 'phone number & said they would ring me. Wednesday evening & nothing.

I'm just trying to chill out, man, and concentrate on those positive vibes. Hope it's not just me that seems to have all the problems????


  Jdoki 09:44 04 Nov 2004

g-g, I've noticed your username on a few posts I've followed, and you have my sympathies.

I've been in the IT industry well over 10 years, and I have to say it pretty much disgusts me sometimes.

As a consumer I have had two unpleasant experiences trying to order new PC's from 'reputable' online retailers (MESH and Carrera). Surely this can't just be bad luck! The prices may have been competitve but the service was terrible, bordering on rude at times.

I have now resorted to building my own PC again, and although it cost me more it gave me peace of mind knowing the parts I had bought are quality components and if anything goes wrong it's my own fault!

In your case I would suggest, even though it may cost a little more, to go to your local PC World or other large retailer. The extra money you may end up spending at least gives you the knowledge that if it goes wrong you can physically take it back, dump it on the counter and get something done about it.

As for the external storage you ordered, I'm always wary when an online store only has 1 in stock. It's impossible to know whether they have a true real time stock monitoring system, so there's always a chance that the stock you think you are ordering has already been snapped up by someone else.

I hope your future purchase go more smoothly!

  spuds 10:38 04 Nov 2004

Seeing 1 in stock would lead me not to order if the item was urgent.On-line ordering as many advantages as well as disadvantages, especially when stocks are very low, and the ordering system is not updated instantly,if that is at all possible.

When people do not answer emails after they have confirmed that they have received them ,always makes me suspicious of 'the outfit' that I may perhaps involve myself in.Some people deserve your business,others do not.As mentioned, there is nothing like visiting places like PC World, and selecting the computer that meets with your requirements, and leaving with it under your arm, knowing that in perhaps a couple of hours time you will be playing with your new toy.At least you can take it back if it proves faulty, and deal with the matter face to face,no lengthy letters or expensive telephone calls, providing you know your consumer rights.

In my home location, I have dealt with a number of local computer builders and small shops, all seem to have their good and bad points. It is usually on this criteria that I select who will get most of my custom and money, why support the person or company that regard themselves more important that their potential customers.

  grumpy-git 11:58 04 Nov 2004

A couple of names I see a lot in this Forum, almost feels as if I know you!!

The last thing these postings for are sympathies, as I'm sure you'll understand. I try to move forwards but each step brings me to a brick wall, and I feel like banging a few heads against it.

I noticed the name of the "other" retailer you mentioned Jdoki, and was actually looking at their web site a few days ago, but would you believe I don't think I have any faith in using such online retailers any more. As for the first retailer mentioned, I see the posts keep coming in, but resist the temptation to comment.

Ages ago, I was keen on building my own pc, but my wife put me off that idea. I admit I have a tendency to start things that never get finished, so perhaps that would have been a bad idea. If I thought this old pc would keep going without problems for a further 3 years I would keep it as it is. Why put money in other peoples pockets for something you don't need?

The thought of going into a shop & buying a pc sounds great, pick up the package & take it away, & have it working soon after you get home. I don't really see the machine I want though, seems I am not the type of customer they cater for.

There is no real hurry for the external storage device, I've struggled by the past 4 months, another week won't make any difference. The annoying thing is, you are led to believe the item you want is there & just waiting to be despatched.

Perhaps I had better finish now, before I get branded as being bitter & twisted. Thanks folks.


  961 14:42 04 Nov 2004

A couple of things.....

I use Dabs a lot. I know many folk complain about them but I have found that if they have large stock of an item it will arrive (parcelforce permitting) the next day, or the day after that. By large stock I mean 100+ in stock for everyday things

I also use Novatech. They are much more user friendly, insofar as they will answer the telephone. Again, I won't order unless there is substantial stock. Here, the delivery is more likely to be 4/5 days

PCWorld is often slated, but you can go and look, and pick. There is no stock problem. If it's there you can have it. It won't be so cheap, but you won't have to pay delivery or wait in while the courier loses the thing or drops it

All these guys are working on slim margins. You pays your money and makes your choice

All the above have served me well so long as I bear in mind their individual ways of doing business

  Stuartli 17:44 04 Nov 2004

The list of such suppliers is endless and include Scan, Insight, Technomatic and all the other well-known ones.

Most will deliver as promised next day and mostly it's without problems - unless you need to return an item.

However, buying a hard drive online might not be the wisest choice as I recently discovered.

If you have to return it, especially if it has already been used, then you could be without a replacement for several days, a week or, in some cases, up to six weeks.

  Jdoki 10:03 05 Nov 2004

If I may ask g-g, what sort of machine are you looking for?

Despite my post asking for advice on a problem with Carrera I still have faith that they are a good company and this was just a 'one off', they don't seem to get as many complaints here as certain other companies.

I wouldn't be too put off building your own. It's a Sunday afternoon job if you have all the components ready and waiting and have a clear plan on putting it together. And I'm sure there would be plenty of advice here if you need it.

As for being bitter and twisted - join the club! Is it too much to ask for honesty about stock availability, fast friendly and effective customer service etc etc etc.

  oresome 17:40 05 Nov 2004

I saw a hard drive advertised by PC World in the weekend papers.

Took the advert with me to the local store on the Monday. A little trouble getting it, but the staff were pleasant enough.

The drive was installed and working the same evening. Can't beat going to the store if the price is reasonable and the location is convenient.

  grumpy-git 08:18 10 Nov 2004

Supposedly "in stock" when I ordered it, the first despatch date given was 8th November (ordered on 30th October)

That date has now passed & the new despatch date is 17th November.

Once it is despatched, I suppose I have to hope it doesn't get lost or delayed by whichever delivery method is used.

G-G (and getting grumpier all the time)

  Jdoki 08:51 10 Nov 2004

G-G, have you tried eBuyer? click here

I have used them succesfully for years, and they always seem to beat Dabs on price. Plus service is very good.

Might be worth looking in to cancelling your order and taking you business elsewhere.

  Sapins 09:04 10 Nov 2004

I've just ordered the last one of a particular motherboard bundle from Novatech which I'm collecting on Friday, the site changed after my order to 2/3 days availability, hope it's there when I arrive!

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