Computerfinder Ltd

  fpg 15:41 24 Jul 2004

Has had anyone had dealings with Computerfiner in Cardiff. They are advertising a good spec and a reasonable price for a PC I am interested in buying.
Thought I would just check - an area this forum seems well suited for.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:32 24 Jul 2004

I've had a look but you may want to have a look at PCW as their prices seem similar and you can pick up straight away.


  fpg 18:59 24 Jul 2004

Thanks, is this PCW the Computer store? (Dixons?) Google took me to another Magazine site - my fault.

I am looking for a replacement base unit - spec P4 3ghz 120mb sata HDD and 512mb RAM. Video card the best I can get within a total budget of £550.

All suggestions welcome partic re video card.

I have just come across a 'Your choice build it site' called Teamclockwork. Are they known to anyone? Others?

  spuds 22:08 24 Jul 2004

I would say that click here prices and build are about the norm. If you live 'local', why not pay them a visit,as there is no better experience than having a close-up view of the product and people building 'your' system.

Possibly a little more insight to the company click here [abode required for download]. Company was registered on the 05/05/1999, so they have a five years track record.

  fpg 22:45 24 Jul 2004

Thanks Spuds - visited the site and 'built' a P4 3ghz base unit for £535. Video card is Geforce FX 5500 256Mb? and mobo is 'Asrock' don't know this ??
Will check Coy details

  spuds 22:59 24 Jul 2004

Asrock click here

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