Computer Stores in Florida, USA

  MS35 19:08 16 Jul 2005

Can anyone recommend a good computer chain store in Florida. Family are visiting soon and thought I could check out a few deals with the dollar still being reasonably strong. MP3, flash drive etc.

  pj123 19:15 16 Jul 2005

Quite a few on Google.

click here=

  De Marcus 19:19 16 Jul 2005

Wal Mart (asda).

Crazy as it sounds they have a huge collection of all things computery with bum smacking low prices.

  bremner 19:50 16 Jul 2005

CompUSA is their equivilant of PC World. click here

I have been to the Altamont Springs Store and found every possible variation on price comparisons. Some cheaper, some the same and some more expensive.

When you add in import duty and vat, that you would be liable for on return to the UK, there really is no point in buying over there unless it is a real bargain.

  Stuartli 20:06 16 Jul 2005

You only have to pay UK tax and duty if you bring home more than £145 worth of all goods including gifts and souvenirs from non-EU countries other than the usual tobacco, wine and spirts limits (i.e. 200 cigarettes etc).

So providing the US prices are right you should be OK to have goods brought in up to the value (and I assume it's per person) of £145. Keeping receipts would be a good idea to show Customs and Excise if necessary.

  spuds 20:55 16 Jul 2005

Remember though, that any warranty claims may not apply, so you could end up with a faulty item with no possible safeguards.Some international manufacturers have 'zoned' warranties, which may or may not be applicable in the UK, best to check before purchase. Similar rules apply with 'grey' imports.

I would also suggest that you inform the sales outlet that you intend to export, as some computer items purchased in the States cannot be exported or carried on airlines.

  Forum Editor 22:10 16 Jul 2005

that you will not have the protection of UK consumer legislation if anything goes wrong.

My own experience is that unless you're buying something you can't get in the UK there's not a lot of point in importing stuff from America.

  Forum Editor 22:11 16 Jul 2005

I just noticed that you already said the same thing.

  MS35 22:21 16 Jul 2005

Thanks all.

  Danoh 00:42 19 Jul 2005

Best Buy. Also, if you know a resident there, Costco. But the price has to be astounding to be worthwhile losing holiday time...

  Roadgiant 06:50 19 Jul 2005

We have a card for Costco (UK) and think you can use it in any Costco.A couple of years ago we were in Orlando and used the card there with no problem at all.

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