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  whisked 20:24 29 Dec 2004

On Tinys website it refers to being able to 'order' their products at branches of the Computer Shop. Can you walk away with a purchase at the stores or is it just a demonstration shop where if you like something after seeing it you get it delivered?

  g0nvs 21:21 29 Dec 2004

Delivery £39.99. Tech support £1 min.

  waamo 22:22 29 Dec 2004

If you include an extended warranty it gets expensive. Most companies do much better after sales for free. click here

  spuds 23:29 29 Dec 2004

Each outlet as a small stock of items, usually on special offer, which can be purchased and taken away. The bigger items like computer systems need to be ordered, and then collected from the store or delivered to your home address. Either way there is the same 'delivery' charge attached.

  Total Care Support 14:09 30 Dec 2004

First of all my apologies for the length of this post thought it might be an idea to clear up some things, so if I bore you I am sorry, due to webmaster errors I have had to split it in two.

Dear whisked, Some of The Computer Shop store do hold a limited stock of some Tiny.COM systems, that you can purchase and walk out the store there and then with on special offers, it will depend on your local store. General as Tiny.COM is a online supplier of computers and our systems are built to order this enables us to ensure that the newest components are used in the systems that we supply. If you have any questions that I can help you with please feel free to email me [email protected]

g0nvs, you are correct if a item is ordered for delivery there is a delivery charge attached for this service, a competitor of ours delivery fee is £57.58 including vat, the option is available if you ask for you to collect an order from our head office if you do not wish to pay for delivery, considering if you go to click here and price up the cost of next day delivery (which is how our systems are despatched) a standard computer package weighs approx 15 - 18kg dependant upon extras, this would cost you £37.90 this would allow for the insurance of your parcel to the value of your order also, please also account into this the time you would take to take it to the post office and to package it up and how much you would charge for your time lets say you get the minimum wage £4.75 per hour this traveling and packaging is taking 1 hour of your time, we will assume you are very efficient and it takes an hour for the packaging and the journey. The cost is now standing at £42.65 this has not accounted for the cost of the boxes and packaging, in the time of your admin staff, or the admin staff that trace the parcel for you, or your own company insurance for those staff.

  Total Care Support 14:09 30 Dec 2004

Waamo, I would disagree with your statement with regard to the service, we offer depending up on what you are purchasing one of the widest ranges of Support Packages, in ranges from 1 year to 5 years, from entry level though Bronze, Silver and up to Gold Packages, in either one off payments to rolling support paid for in monthly installments, from £2.99 per month, but the ultimate choice is down to you the customer as to what service you feel you wish for, if you know all about computers then it may be an extra you don’t need however as most of our customers are novice home users and ask us for support on things ranging from how to use Internet Explorer to how to update drivers for the latest Ati or Nvidia for example, there should be a package to suit them.

I will pre-empt, the response to this which is usually “just look on the forums” indeed I would recommend many consumers to do just that, however don’t just search our name, search the names of other manufactures, and you will see that there are in many cases more about them, however then you have to remember that it is very unlikely that people are posting to say that “I just popped by to say everything is wonderful everything is great”, add to this that many people who post in the forums know about computers, and so have the feeling that they will never need to contact a support line, I have said before regarding this just think about something you don’t know about like for example you combi boiler (which has less parts than a computer and has less features) and would you need help with this, now consider the support from a novices point of view.
With regard to the out of warrant, manufacturers warranty and the out of hours support (24hr/7days), due to the high cost of operating a support service, calls are charged at a premium rate unless an extended warranty is purchased, in order that we can keep our prices competitive we do not build technical advice or tuition into the cost of our systems. However extended warranties are offered in general at the time of purchase. If we included a warranty with our systems as standard then the price of our systems would increase and their would be complaints that we were forcing customers who know about computers to buy a service that they do not need and would not use. But the same people then deride us for not including one when something goes wrong that they can not fix, we find ourselves in a no win situation. Chris Woolford previously has posted in here asking for ideas on how we at Time could solve this issue. (see click here ) the general vein came back down to the old argument of the cost that a customer is prepared to pay (i.e. buying as cheaply as they can) against the cost at which a company can viably sell for.
Some of our competitors do exactly what we don’t they include a warranty with every order and you then have to select which lower one you want to go for, however because of this you never see the cost of that package to you just see a line in brackets that says for example (subtract £168) but this does not tell you how much of that bundle value is for the new package you have selected.

As I said at the beginning “whisked” if you have any questions I can help with please drop me a mail.
Best regards and wishes for a happy New Year to all
Daniel Warren,
Granville Technology,
[email protected]

  waamo 21:25 30 Dec 2004

Thanks for taking the time to reply Daniel, actually I wasn't commenting on the service, just the cost (sorry to be pedantic!)

Quote "as most of our customers are novice home users and ask us for support on things ranging from how to use Internet Explorer to how to update drivers for the latest Ati or Nvidia for example, there should be a package to suit them."

Looking at the Tiny site onsite warranty starts at £249.99 which for a novice user bumps up the price of a system dramatically, making it look a much less competative package for the novice user.

In saying that experienced users, who feel they do not need support, can find an attractive package within the range.

  Total Care Support 11:49 31 Dec 2004

Waamo, the web site offers 5 options the from zero for no extra cover thought to the one you quote costing the most at £249.99 for 3 years cover Gold, see click here

to quote you "Looking at the Tiny site onsite warranty starts at £249.99 " the £249.99 package is the one that costs the most so i feel starts at comment implys you thought that was our cheapest option and not the one with the most cover and options. you also said onsite cover, OT computers when they owned the Brand name Tiny did offer an on site cover package, however we do not offer this as a service. We have found out though previous trials that for the home user to offer an onsite package takes longer from the customers perspective to resolve the issues. arranging a date when you will be in, a date and engineer can come, making sure the engineer turns up with all the right parts, that the enviroment that he can carry out the repair in is electro-static free, instead we offer a return to our labs. if the item needing repairing is something that you feel you an fit yourself ie a floppy drive a modem then the option is given for us just to send you the part and you fit it if that is your preferance or even for an engineer to call you and talk you though it, but we know some of our customers are uncomtable with this and those systems can be returned to us for the engineers to carry out the work, again it comes back down to flexablity we try to iffer support that suit as many different needs as possible.

The web site does not offer all our Support Warranty packages, simply because if it did you would look at it and state that this site is very cluttered or busy, the extra types of packages are offered during the completion of a purchase, when you advisor can suggest different options more taylored to the person's needs, look at the table in the link above, now add the same table but for :- 5 year support packages instead as well as 3 years (3 more to the table), add in the 2 year packages we do as well (3 more again), now add in the Rolling support, entry level, Bronze, Silver, Gold, (again in 1 year 3 year and 5 year packages) add in the upgrade and downgrade package options as in after a 1,2,3, or 4 years you can alter the package to match your needs as you become more used to using a computer that multiplies each of the numbers up till now by 4, we are now up to 23 options multiplied by 4 we are ow up to 92 different types, add to this cover for Peripherals, like printers cameras scanners etc and the figure goes higher, if we added all these in we would get slated for trying to confuse people, or scare novice users. Instead we offer our most popular with advice on the other types during the completion of the ordering.

If you do have any questions please feel free to email me, I am offer for the new year weekend but I will get back to you as soon as I am back into the office.

Best regards to all and Enjoy the weekend

Daniel Warren,

Ganville Technology

[email protected]

  Total Care Support 11:53 31 Dec 2004

sorry that was meant to be I am off not I am offer for the new year weekend.

And no i have not started it early :o)

once again Happy new year to all

Daniel Warren

  Arnie 15:05 01 Jan 2005

To quote another competitor's delivery charge at £57.58, which is the highest charge you could no doubt find, is no excuse for your current charge of £42.65.
I think the high charge is reflected in the huge amount of media advertising of your products.

Recently I rebuilt a computer for my friend using Novatech. I used some of the parts from his Time computer. I have no axe to grind with your company; I found the build quality of the Time product was good. My problem is with your delivery costs and support charges.

At the moment Novatech's fully insured next day delivery charge for a package in excess of 30Kg is £19.92. (About half that price if ordered on the Internet).
Their technical support line is by a reasonably priced 0870 number.
All this is not offset by selling poor quality goods and offering bad services.
That's why they gained the 'Online vendor of the year award 2004'.

May I add, I have no vested interests in Novatech.


  pj123 15:34 01 Jan 2005

I think all delivery charges should be "at cost".

I have sent out many computer systems by local courier (next day delivery) and it has never cost me more than £15 for each package ie. main computer system including mouse and keyboard and the monitor separately.

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