computer to run photoshop

  egretta 14:51 14 Jan 2004

I need to buy a new computer. Will be used for Photoshop digital photo editing (full version not 'elements', windows not Mac) plus word processing, internet and e-mail. Photoshop system requirements are: pentium III or 4, Windows XP, 256 MB ram, 250MB available hard disk space and 16 bit colour or greater video card. Any advice on a good buy to cover this? I'd be looking for a hard drive of 120GB and probably a 19" crt monitor. Not sure what video cards meet the photoshop requirement (or more importantly which ones dont!). Also not very clear about which Athlon processors equate with which pentiums. Ideally would hope to come somewhere between £700 and £1000. Is this realistic? If not what should I expect to pay? Any advice gratefully received.

  961 17:13 14 Jan 2004

Any computer from £600 up will cope. Mine will run software like this using Athlon1700xp and modern specs start around 2200 now. Suggest new Athlon 2500. Secret really is memory. Although I have 256 this is not really advised and I suggest 512mb min
Again any modern video card will do and unless you want to run games at a fantastic rate I suggest no more than £80 on video card. The more expensive ones are big, noisy and boy do they create heat. You do not need them
Stick to the crt monitor

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:10 14 Jan 2004

Until 4 weeks ago I ran Photochop 7 on a pentium II, 350 mhz Evesham with 512mb of RAM with no problems at all. It also had an 8 or 16mb Velocity, 4400 graphics card. The computer had around 45 running processes and 70ish programmes loaded. Even the cheapest computer today will run Photo 7 etc. with aplomb.


  egretta 19:51 14 Jan 2004

Thank you Gandalf and 961 you have certainly helped clarify things for me.

  Forum Editor 20:36 14 Jan 2004

you'll want to buy the best-quality monitor you can afford, plus a graphics card that can offer you a decent screen resolution/refresh rate.

You've specified a CRT screen, which is certainly better for images and graphics work than a TFT - at least it is now. CRT screens are better at displaying subtle tonalities than are TFTs. Apart from that, I endorse the comments made by the others.

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