computer to mobile cable

  Dark Knight 20:49 24 Jul 2003

I have a Nokia 6100 that I want to connect to my pc.

Ideally I would like a good deal on the Nokia connectivity data cable DKU-5 but everywhere seems to offer very similar prices.

Again ideally I would like a USB connection but have noticed a few cheaper series cables about.

Basically is someone able to give me a good website where I can get the nokia cable cheaper or alternately suggest alternative products of equal quality but cheaper price.

Many thanks in advance

  Forum Editor 23:27 24 Jul 2003

you're only going to buy this cable once, and in terms of value for money they are pretty good.

That simple length of cable will set you free - and I would just buy it and forget about saving a few pounds. You should find (as I did) that you will easily be able to get a serial to USB cable converter, although admittedly my phone is a Siemens - I haven't checked the Nokia situation.

  Murf 18:42 25 Jul 2003

I used a nokia serial data cable with my 9210 and found it was pretty slow so when i got my current 7210 i bought a USB infra red adaptor for £20 from maplin,its well fast, really simple to use and i can use it to connect to my ipaq and other stuff too!!

  Murf 18:47 25 Jul 2003

Do a search on click here for 'USB-IRDA' and see what you get or check out the bluetooth adaptors if your phone has bluetooth!

  Dark Knight 19:45 25 Jul 2003

Is There any major disadvantages I should know of of infra red as opposed to the "official" Nokia pop port cables?

I cannot currently envisage using the connection on a regular basisbut circumstances could change.

Considering this is it worth shelling the extra bucks out on a cable that can only be used for one purpose or better to buy the cheaper infra red port that could be used for multiple applications?

The phone is new to me and as you can guess by the question not too up on mobile technologies however I am under the impression that the Nokia 6100 does Not have bluetooth technology.

  Dark Knight 19:51 25 Jul 2003

In addition..... I am using win 98se if that makes any difference.

  Dark Knight 18:56 26 Jul 2003


  Dark Knight 22:14 27 Jul 2003

Looked around for IR cable connections and indeed they look cheaper. This one click here
is abot the cheapest however it gives no indication regarding compatability. I am usin win 98se. From reading a previous thread there was a problem with IR and win 98. Ws this an Isolated incident?

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