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'Computer Maintenance Services' scam ?

  Yokel 14:50 08 Feb 2010

Is anyone else getting telephone calls from the above (India based?) outfit offering to fix a computer problem you didn't know you had ?

It seems my system has reported to them somehow that I have downloaded something nasty and they will guide me through the removal !

Two calls in the last two days, both got a very brief reply from me but I wondered how common this is.

Regards, Tom

  daz60 21:11 09 Dec 2011

My sister,early on today,said she had received a similar call but said that her brother,me,was the only person who dealt with her computer.She stated that i said there was nothing wrong and i being an IT expert should know. Needless to say that my expertise extends to pushing the keyboard until i hit the wrong one...then she calls the real IT.

I wish she had called me because i am feeling left out.

  RobCharles1981 11:35 10 Dec 2011

I had two of these last week I tell to ** off or sometimes id play a game with them!!

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