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'Computer Maintenance Services' scam ?

  Yokel 14:50 08 Feb 2010

Is anyone else getting telephone calls from the above (India based?) outfit offering to fix a computer problem you didn't know you had ?

It seems my system has reported to them somehow that I have downloaded something nasty and they will guide me through the removal !

Two calls in the last two days, both got a very brief reply from me but I wondered how common this is.

Regards, Tom

  Yokel 16:00 08 Feb 2010

No, Zen for broadband and BT for a back-up dialup connection.

  carver 19:54 20 May 2010

Hi, just had second phone call from someone claiming to represent 'Computer Maintenance Services' same sort of thing as above, claiming to be part of Microsoft and wanting to help me clean my computer of a "lot" of viruses.

He was very insistent that it's not a scam and he only wanted me to log onto his site and give him access to my computer so he could show Me how infected my PC was.

Did I do wrong by telling him were to place his monitor.

  Matt Egan 16:44 23 Jul 2010

You can here me opining about this on alicehb's program on Monday morning. Here's the short version: it's a scam, don't go anywhere near it.

  Matt Egan 16:47 23 Jul 2010

'hear'. Where are the sub editors when you need them?

  Matt Egan 12:07 26 Jul 2010

You may be in luck. It's certainly on the list of things we're pushing for

  Matt Egan 16:56 26 Jul 2010

Wash your mouth out! Only FE has the silver deleting mouse...

  carver 12:50 20 Apr 2011

I've just had them on the phone again to tell me that my PC is full of polymorphic viruses, kept them talking for about 10 minutes, even asked if this virus was part of the Root Kit family and he told me that it was far worse.

It seams that I'm part of the Windows privilege member and that is why they are phoning, even when I told them my PC was an Apple know what the answer was,

"Microsoft system on your machine has told us this already"

Why do they keep trying to scam people.

  spuds 10:03 21 Apr 2011

Constantly hearing about these type of maintenance virus scams, and yesterday was the first time that I apparently received such a call. I never spoke to the 'gentleman' but he left a message on the answer machine, requesting 'press 5' for more information, 'press 9' for immediate help in resolving my computer problems.

Didn't get the name of the company, but it began with M (not Microsoft) which I have heard about before.

If and when they telephone again, I will have to go into my "Yes/No", "I didn't quite hear that" mode.

  Forum Editor 10:35 04 Dec 2011

"Lets just say i'm a white hat doing it for the better good!!!"

Fair enough, but with respect we have no way of verifying that, so we cannot provide the information you requested. I'm sure you'll understand why.

  T0SH 20:41 09 Dec 2011

I think maybe my wife should be awarded a prize for the best way to get rid of nuisance infected windows computer calls, on the first occasion that she answered the call the person with an Indian sounding accent stating he was calling from Microsoft she answered if a very frail old persons voice saying I am very sorry there is no one called Michel Soft here oddly the caller hung up , on another occasion they kept asking if she had Windows she replied yes I have lots of windows so many if fact that I get quite tired out cleaning them all, oddly enough the caller again hung up , one other ploy is to answer in a frail sounding voice when asked "do you have windows" then say please can tell what does it look like then I will try to find it for you son

Cheers HC

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