'Computer Maintenance Services' scam ?

  Yokel 14:50 08 Feb 2010

Is anyone else getting telephone calls from the above (India based?) outfit offering to fix a computer problem you didn't know you had ?

It seems my system has reported to them somehow that I have downloaded something nasty and they will guide me through the removal !

Two calls in the last two days, both got a very brief reply from me but I wondered how common this is.

Regards, Tom

  birdface 15:22 08 Feb 2010

I don't suppose you are with Virginmedia are you.
They are starting a pay for 'Computer Maintenance Service.

  Yokel 16:00 08 Feb 2010

No, Zen for broadband and BT for a back-up dialup connection.

  birdface 16:03 08 Feb 2010

Or something like this.

click here

  Bandy 16:09 08 Feb 2010

I have had a few similar calls myself but treated them in a similar manner assuming they were try-ons

  carouselgirl 14:06 19 Feb 2010

I have literally just had a call from similar - realising quickly this could potentially be a scam I asked where they were calling from and they said London - LIE No1 as it was out of country call displayed on phone. After much insistance that he was in London I asked for an address which he gave and I checked quickly I chose another area of londo and said oh your in Camden he said yes - Address he gave was actually a Gay Bar in Southwark!!! I then asked for a telephone number he said you can find it. I said so you know I have prob with computer your clever what computer do i have he replied Apple! I dont have an apple!! We went round in circles fr a few mins lke this and he offered me to speak to his manager who i told they were liers and pointed out the points they lied on. The manager then told me to shut my mouth and F off!!
Its a scam!!!

  2bathred 15:48 24 Feb 2010

I informed the Indian/Asian accented gent that he had connected to a National Security Agency and that he would be prosecuted should he continue to insist that I give him details of my system. He went very quiet for a while then in a subdued voice said OK and hung up.

  maq1988 12:21 03 Mar 2010

A scam, I've been called today twice in 20 minutes by them. Asking me to go to their "support website", and that my computer is showing errors and viruses.

After asking them what Operating System I was running, and how they knew (they suggested "Windows"). I pointed out this was totally wrong (I'm Mac based), and that what they are doing is praying on the vulnerable - I'm no idiot with computers, but it's people who don't know much with computers and trust people a little too much that need informing that this is going on.

A few unrepeatable words later, they hung up.

  961 14:33 03 Mar 2010

These scams are like London buses

There'll be 3 more along in a minute!

  ronalddonald 15:59 03 Mar 2010

them NO NO NO NO what part of no u dont understand and put the phonw down or unplug the phone should cost them in phone bills.

  cms 12:46 09 May 2010

hi i am the owner off click here i have been aware of bogus callers representing my web site (i have placed a disclaimer on same) these guys are scamming i wish i had made as much money out of the web site as they have :P we do not make cold calls ,

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