Computer flashup - takes a time

  Doodles 19:47 22 Feb 2004

After recently buying a new PC i have realised that on initial startup it takes ages for it to flash up. I get the welcome screen for about 2 minutes before it goes to my desktop. I dont have that much software on my New PC.
Is this a common thing.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:50 22 Feb 2004

What OS and what hardware?

And maybe it would be good to close this thread and put the question in the helproom... more people will see it and offer a solution.

  Doodles 19:53 22 Feb 2004

i have xp with 512mb of memory 3ghz processor.

thanks for tip

  Diodorus Siculus 20:10 22 Feb 2004

There was a program called BootViz from MS - do a search on google and if you can find it, run it and you will find what is causing the delay.

  slimbo51 20:11 22 Feb 2004

Could be loads of startup items causing such a long delay.

Often white goods manf (Pcworld Dixons) and the like will place a load of programs on your system when they put your Op/Sys on (XP Home Ect.).

If u type in msconfig in the run command and look at startup drop box it will tell you what loading at bootup.

  mikef. 20:22 22 Feb 2004

BootVis is no longer available from MS but you can get it here click here

  Doodles 21:07 22 Feb 2004

thanks for info

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