Computer fairs

  AL D. 13:26 05 May 2003

I would like to here peoples views on Computer fairs, like why they are more popular than the high street shops,and do the larger pc shop's realise how much trade they could be loosing,
or do they treat these fairs and shows as healthy competition.

  MichelleC 13:29 05 May 2003

I get stuff like cd's @ 18p each with no coasters from fairs. As the sellers' overheads r less they can beat the big boys on price. Some smaller retailers even have stalls at fairs and their prices have to compete with other stalls. I don't think DSG r too worried yet.

  Kryten 13:35 05 May 2003

I have built 2 PC's with parts mostly borough from the Central Computer Fair. Parts were cheap and the assistants were helpful, and the main store I used also had a shop within 20 miles of me if there was any problems. One was built 4 years ago and is still going fine. The other was built for a relative 4 months ago, and apart from the way he uses it, he has hardly had any problems (not from the hardware anyway).

  tbh72 13:48 05 May 2003

You find many of the smaller shop's actually trade at computer fairs. Virtually all of the small premises shops trade at local fair in out area. I would just be guessing but I would say it generates a great deal of custom for them.

  Mankster 13:50 05 May 2003

I and my friends have built many a pc for other people with components purchased from these fairs' ,and thus saving them considerable amounts of money compared to retail pc shops,and all the components are always fully warrantied,
And with hand on heart over the past 4 years
no complaints, which out of 30 to 40 computers is something the likes of PCW would like to be able to boast about.but on the other hand the fairs are only maybe once a week, and pcw are open 7 days a week.

  sil_ver 13:51 05 May 2003

Computer Fairs are well worth a browse with one proviso, if you're a novice take someone with you who is familiar with this type of venue and KNOWS what you want so that you buy what YOU want and not what some seller thinks is the right thing.

  Mig2 14:09 05 May 2003

I use fairs alot, the stuff you can buy is the same as in any shop in the street, only a bit cheaper. My local shop attends many fairs in the local area and cuts its price accordingly all traders have to sign up to a charter so you get good after sales as well as prices.

  Mysticnas 14:34 05 May 2003

computer fair that does a circuit down here in herts/beds. Not very good. I saw a lot of high prices for things that are half the price on the net.

Saying that, i here they are better up North. My bro lives there and my landlord comes from up there(Leeds/manchester).

they've both picked up pretty good deals. The local fair here is about as big as your aveerage hall, eg sports hall in a gym.

The ones my bro and landlord go to are huge, and take up a considerable amount of space, and aswell as local retailers they have the bigger companies too.

  Mysticnas 14:51 05 May 2003

here = hear

  rickf 16:26 05 May 2003

use fairs all the time. No probs ever-so far.

  Gerrycan 12:23 06 May 2003

I am a bit surprised that the pro PCW people haven't made any comments.

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