computer chairs

  sunnystaines 13:51 09 Jun 2011

another computer chair gone duff they seem to last little more than 18 months, usual problem gas struts fail [i am 17 st]

instead of spending £100 on chairs that fail thinking about the aeron hermon mesh chair but they are very pricy at the moment. i am up at queens sq next week for a hosp appoint, i can remember years ago someone recommending a office chair shop near oxford st or portman sq but cannot find the link, might pay it a visit as i am in central london.

anyone know this place.

  mole44 14:18 09 Jun 2011

ive had a chair from Staples for about 12 years and apart from the gas strut going down on the odd occasion its been fine and im a hefty 14 stone. I suppose its how it`s used and what weight you are.

  wee eddie 14:43 09 Jun 2011

I've just got a wooden rocking version of those Kneeling Chairs. Took about a month to get used to but it is now comfortable and definitely good for the posture.

eBay ~ roughly £50.

  sunnystaines 14:59 09 Jun 2011

mole44, wee eddie

had a staples top of the range one that failed, as for the trendy knee chairs tried then but prefer a high back and arm rests.

  BT 16:59 09 Jun 2011

What on earth do you do with them?

I have two chairs both of which are well over 7 years old and never had a problem with either of them.

One is a £100 Staples one that I got for £20 when my son worked there. The other is similar but not sure of the make. Both are the high back with arms style, adjustable height and tilt, one in a fabric finish, the other in a 'leather' finish.

They are both used for several hours each day by me and the 'Boss' and we are both over 17 stone.

  sunnystaines 18:17 09 Jun 2011


they do not go over night but slowly get worse over time, the uppers are ok just the gas struts give out, first just accosionaly then get more frequent over time, till it collapses after about 15 mins.

thinking about going for a decent make and save in the long term.

  lotvic 18:37 09 Jun 2011

pm (18:36)

mole44 You are using the ` symbol next to the number 1 on keyboard

That is making your text go small

The proper apostrophe ' is on the same key as @

  Forum Editor 23:18 09 Jun 2011

Presumably you're not up for paying around £850 for a Herman Miller chair?

In which case, take a look at this it's comfortable and stylish. I'm not 17 stone, but it appears to be pretty robust. How do I know? I'm sitting on one now.

  mole44 05:41 10 Jun 2011

Ta lotvic you've solved my problem of what i was doing wrong wondered why as well thankyou.

  sunnystaines 08:00 10 Jun 2011


going to look john lewis in oxford st, always get good customer service and products from them

  sunnystaines 08:14 10 Jun 2011

had a look at the JL web their own make "Taylor" looks possible but will be trying loads out, i had thought the hermans were cheaper than £900 when i was working we had one for a grossly fat woman to sit on, they looked horrible but i used it one day and it was excellent very comfy.

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