Compensation Rate ?

  Rtus 00:10 04 Aug 2003

I recently was denied Phone services due to a fault (Noisy Line) which I reported .. This led to No line at all for 3 weeks.I was offered compensation ..Of £18.00.
If youve had similar problems and were offered an amount for loss of service could you post the figure and time involved..

Please dont post service providers names..Thanks..

  Forum Editor 01:16 04 Aug 2003

"Our Customer Service Guarantee means that if you experience difficulties with your service, we will make it our priority to keep you connected by offering to divert your incoming calls to a number of your choice. Alternatively, you may be entitled to claim Fixed Rate Compensation."

So say BT - but at what rate, say I?

Before calculating the amount due, you need to know that if your line has a fault that results in loss of service BT undertake to repair the fault by the end of the working day following the day you reported the fault. So, if you report on a Monday, they will repair by the end of Wednesday, and so on.

If they do not meet that undertaking you are entitled to compensation at a fixed rate, and for a delay of over ten days this amounts to the equivalent of four months line rental. You and I can both quickly calculate that in your case this has got to amount to more than £18.

You could claim for actual financial loss (up to £1000) - provided you suffered a loss, and provided you can prove it. They won't pay out for burglar alarm failure call-outs, or for anything else that results from the line itself failing (rather than from them failing to fix it).

My suggestion is that you call them back and quote this information to them - ask them to recalculate the amount due.

  anchor 15:24 04 Aug 2003

Don`t expect much from BT. In the autumn of 2001, one of my lines went dead. This was reported, and a promise of repair within 48 hrs was made. As I have two BT lines, all calls were automatically diverted to the second line.

As the repair was not done after 2 days, I contacted BT again, with a promise that it would be another couple of days. This continued for about 12 days, until the problem was fixed. I was then offered £12, which I though rather low.

I even wrote to the Chief Executive to complain, but still I did not get offered a penny more.

Perhaps the FE gets better service than I from BT, or perhaps the levels of compensation have changed.

  Djohn 15:45 04 Aug 2003

Think that BT offer the choice of two alternatives. Divert the call free of charge, or compensation. They gave you both, not bad really. j.

  Forum Editor 17:27 04 Aug 2003

BT do offer the choice of having your calls diverted to another number (which can be your mobile if you like) or compensation - you can't have both. At least under the terms of the customer charter you can't.

It's not a question of me getting better service - we are all entitled to the compensation - based on the terms I outlined above.

  jimv7 18:04 04 Aug 2003

My buddy was quoted and recieved £10 per day that his line was out of order with bt.

Out of 10 days they refunded 8 days, £80 pounds.

  spuds 19:00 04 Aug 2003

Like jimv7 friend. I received £20 from BT for a 2-day faulty line. The £20 was credited to my next bill payment.I didn't ask for it, they informed me, that they were going to give me this credit, and they did.

A different situation. A friend of mine as two BT lines installed.One is for normal and emergency call-out usage, and the other is for broadband. He pays something like £4.00 a month for a special BT service, which guarantees repair call-out within 4 hours 24/7/365.Special arrangement and compensation terms are within this special package.

  Rtus 22:43 04 Aug 2003

Thanks for the suggestions ..everyone..
When my line was transfered due to the fault I was told my compensation "rate" then And was told the diversion would not affect this rate.The person even quoted an exact figure which I have filed for later use. Id also like to point out As I did to the provider how much more it had cost to contact them via mobile just to enquire when the repair was in fact going to happen.
Ill close this now thanks ..I have enough to be going on with at presnet...Thanks again..

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