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Compatible/Remanufactured Printer Cartridge Dealers

  Gummomarx 17:17 25 Aug 2014


My usual supplier now charges £17 for a colour cartridge for my HP 950C. It was £10 last year.

Please recommend a more reasonable source.

  spuds 17:43 25 Aug 2014

I buy mine from Ebay and Amazon sellers with good feedback ratings. Have your thought about trying those two places?.

  alanrwood 18:19 25 Aug 2014

+1 spuds. Just don't always go for the absolute cheapest

  Gummomarx 23:12 25 Aug 2014

Thanks for the advice, comrades.

  The Kestrel 09:32 26 Aug 2014

I don't have experience of this company, but you might consider their offer.

click here

  alanrwood 14:01 26 Aug 2014

I have used them and they were fine.

  Ventad 19:34 26 Aug 2014

I have used the company below for quite a few years they are ok.

I keep getting "We think this is SPAM" so I will put it in plain words.

print cartridge direct

  HondaMan 09:23 01 Sep 2014

I always use Very good service over several years from them.

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