Compatible Inks with Canon Printers

  flycatcher1 17:20 01 Jan 2010

I have a Canon ip3600 Printer which will not print correct colour pictures. Black text is OK, I have had the Print Head cleaned with no improvement.
The Printer is nine months old, I have heard that Canon is really sniffy about repairing fauly printers that have used compatible ink cartridges.
Any advice on this subject before I approach Canon would be appreciated.
Happy New Year to all Forum Members.

  Grey Goo 18:39 01 Jan 2010

Put in a set of originals and don't mention other use. Will cost a bit, on the other hand it may solve the problem. Which compatibles do you use.

  spuds 19:12 01 Jan 2010

If the problem appeared after using compatibles, then go back to the supplier and ask for their advice. Some compatible suppliers have a repair policy if the fault is with or due to their ink or cartridges, and the printer manufacturer will not provide help.

I have dealt with Canon on a number of occasions with their photocopiers and printers. I find the service received can depend on the person that you deal with initially.

  flycatcher1 20:54 01 Jan 2010

Thanks for all prompt responses.
Initially I used Carts from a local Cartridge Shop but they were unchipped and so I moved to Inkrite Carts.
I have printed about 2000 equivalent 15X10 cm photos and wonder if this is about the limit for the print head
The cost of a new set of Canon carts would, I think, make any repair very expensive.

Distaff urgently needed pictures before Christmas and so I bought a Canon ip4700 in haste. Slightly better quality - but not much.

  johnem 11:43 02 Jan 2010

Sometimes printer repairs can be more expensive than a complete replacement machine. Seems that you have already made that decision.
I use compatible chipped cartridges from "Inkredible" see link, click here in a Canon IP4600 and have not had any problem, so far.

  ame 20:44 02 Jan 2010

I had similar problems with a Canon 455i a few years ago. Print head went duff, I reckoned, and costs too much to replace, so I bought an Epson. (My previous Epson had gone pop some years earlier - so they're no better, I suppose.) Worth trying Grey Goo's advice if you want to pursue warranty, but it won't of course cure the fault. If you feel you've already got a few years normal usage out of it, on the other hand, save the cost of the new genuine inks and buy a new printer. Try Kodak, for example?

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