Comparisions of Hand held scanners

  Georgebop 18:26 26 Oct 2008

I am a falconer that uses telemetry to track my birds. A friend uses a Yaesu V500 hand held scanner to track with. Our telemetry tag frequency is 173MHZ. I know one of the functions the scanner must have is CW whatever that is.
Could anyone tell me if any other hand held scanners would do the same job?
Plus where is the best place to look for a cheap second hand scanner to do this job.I have a larger normal telemetry receiver but would like a hand held scanner to carry with me all the time I am flying my birds.
Thanks George.

  Forum Editor 18:48 26 Oct 2008

from Speakers Corner.

  Georgebop 19:43 26 Oct 2008

As I've had no replies do not see how my question could have been answered. That is why I put it on the speakers forum to get peoples thoughts????

  g0nvs 19:59 26 Oct 2008

CW = Morse Code.

  Forum Editor 23:00 26 Oct 2008

you posted the thread at 6:25 on a Sunday evening, it's hardly surprising that you hadn't had any responses an hour and twenty minutes later.

  Georgebop 05:54 27 Oct 2008

I was just responding to you asking me if my question had been answered

  wiz-king 06:47 27 Oct 2008

A selection click here I have not read all the specs, thats your job!

  Georgebop 15:33 27 Oct 2008

Thanks wiz-king

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