Company offers 10GB of Net storage, for free

  ajm 10:39 08 Feb 2005

click here

Streamload is here click here

  TomJerry 11:49 08 Feb 2005

"People who sign up for the free 10GB service can only download 100MB a month and can only upload files of 100MB at a time."

  TomJerry 11:51 08 Feb 2005

you need 100 months (100MB download a months limit) to get all your files back even you managed to upload them with 100 times (100MB upload a time limit)

so do not do it

  Taran 12:31 08 Feb 2005

We're back tot he big numbers and what I call the Magpie effect.

If you make something shiny enough (or use big numbers, as in this case) people will automatically be impressed enough to want it.

The same tactic is used with devastating effect in computer hardware sales where vast hard drive(s), more RAM than you can shake a stick at and processors capable of working stuff out before you hit Enter or click OK seem to be the order of the day.

Let's say there was no limit on the size and/r frequency of up/downloads to this service.

Do you really want to have 10GB of your own personal files and/or data on an accessible server over which you have no control beyond a username and access password ?

Do you really want to be sitting there while 10GB of files go scooting off at a theoretical on unsustainable maximum of 256kbps on your typical 512kbps ADSL line ?

Once the files are up there do you then want to have to bring them back down again ?

Give me a portable storage device anytime or backup media at the least.

Like the much talked about G-mail, I see no real requirement for this for domestic users and in the case of business/corporate users they would want a whole lot of security over the big numbers any day of the week.

Not impressed at all based on the realities of attempting to use such a service.

Interesting to see how companies are trying to tempt a userbase though.

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