Companies that recycle inkjet cartridges ?

  Microbe 09:59 18 Jul 2003

Has anyone actually used recycling facilities ?

There are several companies that offer payment for 'original' cartridges and I just wondered if anyone had good, or bad, experiences with any of them ?

  pj123 20:37 18 Jul 2003

They don't actually offer you money, what they do offer is their price for your old cartridge off your next order for compatible cartridges. They will not offer anything back on Epson cartridges. Go to click here and look at their cartridges (except Epson)

  Saltyseadog 08:38 19 Jul 2003

I've used a 'Cartridge World' franchise to refill a black HP deskjet cartridge and I've no complaints so far, it's been used for general printing on cheap copier type paper and quality is quite good. My colour cartridge is just about ready for a refill so I'm going to take down one of my used one's and recycle it. In the past I have got originals from 'Choice Stationery' who also send you postage free return bags in case you want to use their recycle service. Although Cartridge World were very slightly more expensive for their refills I found it more convenient to pop in and get my own cartridge refilled.

  Microbe 11:02 19 Jul 2003

Thanks to pj123 and Saltyseadog.

I have used Choice Stationary myself for supplies, but I was thinking more of companies that offer cash for cartridges collected in schools, workplace or for charities.

  pj123 18:49 19 Jul 2003

I don't think you will find any company offering cash for cartridges, even if it is for schools or charities. All I can suggest is that when you re-order and send your old cartridges back any discount money you get off for the new ones you send it to the school or charity yourself.

  Belatucadrus 19:20 19 Jul 2003

My old employer used to have collection bins at various points, when they were full we phoned the re-cycler who took them away and after sorting out all the usable stuff, made a donation to Marie Curie cancer research. It was set up as part of the companies IT consumable supply contract.

click here were the ones we used at the time.

  Microbe 14:25 20 Jul 2003

I have also found this company, although I don't know anyone who has used them

click here

Many thanks to all who replied

  misery 20:50 20 Jul 2003

I'm old fashoined but, I just put my used carts into free envelopes from my local W.H. Smiths. they are then returned to help fund the Royal National Institute for the Deaf. A worthy charity.

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