Compact Camera with view finder

  Ex plorer 20:38 08 Jul 2013

Trying to find a good but simple point and shoot with a view finder is difficult.

My brother who wants a no frills digital compact point and shoot has hit a brick wall.

One that has a scenery macro modes etc. would suffice.

I have spent some time today looking also but finding it difficult also.

Budget is around £300. At £400 I can pick a couple out with good view finders but they are packing gadgetry that will never be used so no point, as it just adds to confusion and a waste of money.

If any one here owns a good point and shoot with view finder let me know, keeping in mind it wants to be a 2013 model.

Or any information regarding 2011/12 models I can chase up on when a new model becomes available.

  wee eddie 23:42 08 Jul 2013

Ex plorer: a Viewfinder is, more or less, the part that differentiates the cheap from the very expensive.

The really expensive Cameras have a viewfinder that looks through the lens. Allowing you to, exactly, frame the photo you're about to take. It's an intricate process and adds zillions to the cost of the camera.

Make do with just a rear screen and he'll get a cracker for his £300.00.

There are a few cameras that have a wee hole, top left, that you can put your eye to and see roughly where the camera is pointing. While this is OK for "snaps", it is nigh on impossible to accurately gauge where the camera is pointing so every shot is very much a hit or miss affair, or more likely you'll cut off the top of someone's head!

  spuds 00:31 09 Jul 2013

Argos have a fair range of cameras that might suit the needs. Some are being offered at good discounts click here and PC World also stock a fair range of cameras, now that Jessops have gone, as we may have known it.


  spuds 00:33 09 Jul 2013

Something wrong with this website, Currys should have been after the click here, and not bounced to the bottom of the page?.

  spuds 00:36 09 Jul 2013

Problem with the link, try Argos click here

  BT 08:53 09 Jul 2013

"but they are packing gadgetry that will never be used so no point, as it just adds to confusion and a waste of money."

Many of the low and medium priced cameras will use the same computer chips. The difference in modes available depends on which of the functions are activated, so doesn't really influence the price very much. What does influence the price is the build quality, lens quality, and of course the brand.

That said there are a range of prices available..

Digital cameras with Viewfinders

  Ex plorer 11:04 09 Jul 2013

BT thanks for the link, and to others for helping.

The Panasonic LUMIX LF1 seems to fit the bill, for what he wants. I see it has a gold award at What Digital Cameras.

Its a chunk more money, and maybe he could get a better camera over all at this price if he didn't want the view finder.

The none touch screen is also OK and it has quite a good view finder by all accounts, I see there are some that clip on viewfinders that may be better on Panasonic cameras I will look into that Later.

But my brother is not digital minded and in his late 60s, so this is his first step on the ladder. (not even a computer in the house)

The last camera he used was a box camera that he still has.

I would imagine the photos will be printed out by me for his history work.

  spuds 11:25 09 Jul 2013

I have a number of cameras, the last two,purchase were a Praktica DPix 5200 and a Nikon Coolpix L810 (cat no 559/8218) on special offer from Argos. Two totally different cameras, but each serves it purpose. For the little extra my choice as to be the Nikon.

  iscanut 12:22 09 Jul 2013

This is not exactly compact, but it is a brilliant camera for the price. I have one and the results are very good. An excellent viewfinder as well as huge zoom.

  iscanut 12:23 09 Jul 2013

Sorry clicked before I pasted the link.. click here

  wee eddie 13:54 09 Jul 2013

If he has no Computer in the House a Digital Camera is, more or less, pointless.

He would need a PC to download and display his Photos.

Of course, he could get one of those Printer with a little display screen of its own and print the ones he wants but that could prove very expensive, even in the short term.

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