Comp at Safeway.

  [DELETED] 14:39 24 Oct 2003

This week safeway have had two comp for sale .One at £399 and one at £699.

I could not get details from the store of what the £699 consists of.

They advertise it as with a 27 inch (yes 27 inch)mon - i told them it was a 17 inch but they did not seem to understand even that.

Does anyone know what the £699 is - or what bits it has?

I have tried their HQ before today about something else - thats why i am asking this group!

  Stuartli 14:46 24 Oct 2003

Inform your local Trading Standards department - that will quickly bring Safeway to heel.

Mind you our local Safeway features willing and helpful staff, so perhaps you were just unlucky with your particular experience.

  [DELETED] 15:38 24 Oct 2003

Next time you are in Safeway get the model number off the box and look here.

click here

  [DELETED] 18:01 24 Oct 2003

Yes so does ours ,generaly,but you can not expect them to know much about comp.
I thought i was being helpful to them pointing out it was not a 27 inch but the person concerned did not understand the implications.

The best "e" that i found on the above link showed p4 2.0 - if that is what it is a bit slow for what my friend needs.

  spuds 23:43 24 Oct 2003

This weeks Safeway promotion flyer only gives details for the £399 system.

Specifications:Make i-Friend. 15" monitor,Intel Celeron 1.7 Ghz,40 GB Hard Drive, 256Mb Ram/16xDVD,Windows XP Home,Internet Ready.Limited stocks available.

If you have a complaint or suggestion, I find that it is better to consult with the in-store customer services section, perhaps requesting the duty manager.Things seem to get solved very quickly via this method. Contacting Safeways HQ about a problem, seems to render a non response, or at least that what I have found in the past.

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