Comet saturday delivery......not

  Europa 15:10 15 Jan 2006

I ordered a camera on the 29/12/05 and ask for a saturday delivery. The delivery was booked for the 07/01.
When the day arrived, no camera.
I called Comet on sunday who says that parcelforce will try to redeliver on monday. Not good, I am working monday to friday, furthermore I paid £11.99 for a saturday delivery, so rebooked the delivery for saturday 14th.
Parcelforce tried to redeliver on monday and tuesday, I wasn't there of course. I tried to contact parcel force for 4 days, they eventually answered thursday night and were adamant that they wouldn't deliver on saturday the 14th because they didn't get any messages from Comet to deliver that saturday.
Called Comet, they assured me it will be delivered on the 14th.
Saturday 14th, I tried to contact parcelforce in the morning to confirm delivery, no answer.
Called Comet at 3 o'clock who told me yes, will be delivered at 6 o'clock.
Of course, no delivery again.
Called Comet on sunday, today, they tried to make me accept any other alternative but saturday delivery (they could rebook bor tuesday, or thursday, or I could collect). Eventually rebooked for saturday 21st, with a gut feeling that it won't be delivered again.
Called Comet again, complaint department, was given the address of the Head Quarters to write to.
No explanation as why it is not delivered the day I paid for, not understanding about why people pay extra for saturday delivery.

  Europa 15:20 15 Jan 2006

Another thing, the first week after my order, the memory card was out of stock, so I was told that the money will be refunded as the order for the card was cancelled. Yesterday I checked my account, no refund. So I was given the number to call for refunds and effectively, no refunds was set when I was told I would get a refund, so again he told me that I should get the money by friday.
Why are they saying that they do things and don't?
I always get a saturday delivery for anything I buy on the internet, because of my work, usually I do not have any problems with it, but this time it is becoming ridiculous.
Do I suppose to have paid £11.99 for the fun of just spending my hard earned cash?

  spuds 15:43 15 Jan 2006

Good luck with your complaint to Comet HQ.I was a very regular customer of Comet when it was under the Kingfisher group, but since change of ownership, and a 'customer is always wrong' attitude, I no longer darken their doors.Customer service is something that they seem to have forgotten about.

  Jackcoms 15:54 15 Jan 2006

Why not arrange to have the camera delivered mid-week to your place of work?

  Ikelos 16:09 15 Jan 2006

It is a bad show to hear of tales like this, the punter in the street does not need all this grief.

along with the likes of Currys, dixons and PCworld, which i know are the same company, i will now add Comet to my list,The word bargepole comes to mind.

  Starfox 16:12 15 Jan 2006

"Good luck with your complaint to Comet HQ"

Same here,I found it to be a complete and utter waste of time,once this lot have your money they don't give a damn,unless of course you paid for the expensive warranty and product replacement guarantee,I used to buy exclusively from Comet but not any more.

  Europa 16:33 15 Jan 2006

Spuds, when exactly did that change of ownership occur? No wonder that I use to have a good service from them before and now it's poop. Who took over?
And no, I will not make any arrangements for it to be delivered at my work mid-week, I paid for a saturday delivery, if they do not deliver next saturday, I will ask for a refund and buy my camera somewhere else.

  jakimo 16:56 15 Jan 2006

Phone 01908 687000 and ask for Md's office,theres a team ready to help,have your delivery information ready

  Europa 17:08 15 Jan 2006

jakimo, who are those people you are talking about?

  Europa 18:51 16 Jan 2006

I called the number above and had Parcelforce Md's office.
I was asked to call back Comet and ask them for the tracking number as the delivery number given for the parcel wasn't the right one.
It was the only number that they had, but with my address PF Md. could send an email to my local depot and ask for the parcel.
Before they call me back with the answer of the email, Parcelforce delivered the camera, with saturday delivery written all over it.
So I called the Md's office and they say that they would contact the manager at my local PF depot to make him aware of the problem.
Them I called Comet to have my money back on the undelivered saturday delivery, they are sending me a cheque which I will receive in 14 to 28 days, then again they supposed to refund the delivery money after the first saturday missing but never seen the money back.
Though it seems that in this case Parcelforce is at fault, Comet should have look into it after the second saturday missing, instead of what they were just organising another delivery, I wonder how many of those it would have taken fot them to decide there was something wrong. Or would they have taken the easy option and blame the customer?
Comet is, after all, responsible for the delivery of their items.
Now I've got my camera, but I am one day's wages out of pocket, as I took a day off to look into this mess. Not such a bargain after all.

  Forum Editor 19:02 16 Jan 2006

Contrary to popular belief, Comet is NOT owned by the Dixons Store group. Comet is part of a company called KESA Eletricals, which is the third largest electrical retailing groupin Europe.

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