frowjay 09:35 06 Oct 2004


Please can someone help???

Last October 30th I purchased a new laptop from COMET the Toshiba P10-504 Laptop which was one of the best on offer at the time.

Sine then it has been faulty too many times to mention.

It has had the following new parts over the period of 11 months: a new Widescreen TFT, New Main Board, New Display Board, Various none starter faults with unknown repairs. Now it seems the hard drive has packed in. Basically I was sold a Friday afternoon machine for £1,300.00

COMET have refused to replace the machine as they say they can't authorise this at store level & nobody else within COMET can do this either & that I am reliant on the repair service until the warranty runs out.

I don't want a refund just a WORKING REPLACEMENT.

Does anyone have any advice so that I am able to get this Laptop replaced by COMET? before the warranty runs out at the end of OCTOBER.

Your help is much appreciated :)

Best Wishes


  g0slp 10:01 06 Oct 2004

If Comet won't budge, I'd be inclined to speak to Trading Standards. Make sure that you give them all the facts though. (Dates, repairs done etc)

  frowjay 10:24 06 Oct 2004

The other thing that amazes me is that when they collect & return your item after repairs this is done un-insured & they also charge £13.00 for the return again un-insured.

  Al94 10:39 06 Oct 2004

If it is a Return To Base Warranty, I suspect there is little you can do about charges. Have you put your case to Comet in writing to their Head Office, if not do it NOW by recorded delivery rejecting the laptop as they have attempted repairs on numerous occassions. List all details in the letter and give them 28 days to provide a replacement. Keep a copy of the letter and if no satisfaction in the given time scale, take advice from Trading Standards or take legal advice. If you have taken finance on the PC, copy your letter to the finance company.

  spuds 11:14 06 Oct 2004

I use to be an avid user of Comet, but since their 'buy-out' from the Kingfisher Group things appear to have gone downhill rapidly. I had a problem purchasing a printer, and correspondence with Comet's head office customer service was abismal. I would do as others have suggested, take the matter up with trading standards, and if you purchased via credit card or computer finance loan, then take it up with the finance provider under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 [Equal Liability].

Remember that an item like a Toshiba laptop costing £1,300.00, the consumer laws are still active, even after the manufacturers twelwe month warranty as expired. If you haven,t already contacted Toshiba direct, I would suggest that you do so, they may have a simple remedy to your problem. Some manufacturers go that little bit further, in offering better customer services. As a point of interest, who as repaired the laptop, Toshiba via Comet or Comet Services direct!.

Regarding the trading standards, here is their document website, which may find very interesting, with possible help in solving the problem click here Another website for complaint help click here Good Luck on the task in hand.

  TomJerry 12:34 06 Oct 2004

use the money buy a better machine. Laptop drop price like stone.

Cannot understnd why you just take the money and buy a netter one with the money?

  frowjay 12:40 06 Oct 2004

Thanks everyone.

I havent been offered a refund either.

I will try Toshiba & contact Comet HQ. Does anyone have the details especially the MDs?



  frowjay 12:42 06 Oct 2004

almost forgot.

COMET are using CRC GROUP Incorporating ADP TECHNICAL SERVICES for the repairs.

The warranty I have been given by Comet is a Collect from Home & return to home one. I can't just walk in to the local COMET where I purchased it for them to send it off.
It seems like they don't want to touch it now that they have my money.
I paid for it by SWITCH but wish I had via CREDIT CARD. :)

  spuds 17:53 06 Oct 2004

It would appear as though Comet as dealt with the fault problems direct, and no doubt will in turn bill Toshiba, if that is their combined business arrangement.

Payment by credit card or computer loan finance have big advantages in respect of consumer law, and this could save countless problems in the solving of faults and bad service.But of course we all choose how we pay.

I would still suggest that you contact Trading Standards plus Toshiba, there might be an easy method of solving the problem via their advice and guidance.

Details for Comet Customer Service. Comet Group plc,Criterion House,George Street,Hull,HU1 3AU. Telephone 01482 320681. Fax 01482 592145. Website click here

  Forum Editor 18:27 06 Oct 2004

is not good - Toshiba laptops are famous for reliability, but sometimes when a laptop goes wrong it does so in spectacular fashion. Yours seems a case in point.

If it was my machine I would be writing to Comet to tell them that the computer isn't fit for its purpose, and that I want a full refund, or another computer of an equal or higher specification. In saying this I'm assuming that all these faults have occurred spontaneously - non of them could be said to result from misuse?

Your Switch payment isn't that relevant - there's no dispute about payment and you're after a new computer, you'll need to apply some serious pressure to Comet (Not Toshiba, you don't have any contract with them). Comet may well say that they can't make such a decision at branch level, in which case you should write to the address spuds has given by special delivery. Quote the facts briefly, and tell them that the machine is 'not fit' under the Sale of Goods Act definition. Say that you want a refund within 14 days, or a new computer etc.

Get the letter off as soon as possible - don't bother speaking to anyone by phone, and don't waste any more time in the branch.

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