*Comet - Good or Bad?

  Mark-T 15:43 06 Dec 2006

I haven't seen many threads with information about purchasing from comet.

I'm thinking about posibly buying a laptop from them and wondered what peoples experiences with them are.
Do they have good customer service? etc

Any help would be appreciated.

  The Brigadier 17:11 06 Dec 2006

They seem OK, but most of their Laptops have Media Centre as the O/S instead of XP Home. Some good bargains to be had though during the Christmas period.

If you want to buy a stunner of a Laptop, try click here

  dlcc 17:30 06 Dec 2006

i wanted a zoostorm laptop as they were getting the best reviews.
the website was updated to 2 to 5 weeks for some. too late for me. went for an acer aspire and really pleased with it.
got it from comet buy and collect from their website.
collected in store at their local branch.
i dont knwo about customer service and backup but some mags rate dell high in the customer stakes but online forums say they are shockingly bad.
i emailed dell 3 times asking about buying a laptop and they never replied once.
how bad would it be if i bought one and had a problem.
i have a mesh desktop and they have been great everytime i had a problem.
i think it is just your luck nowadays.
i chose comet as at least i could take it down in person if i had a problem.
why is media a problem - i thought it was just an enhanced version of win xp home. it is more expensive after all

  Tribal-Wolf 18:01 06 Dec 2006

If you buy a laptop from comet and have a problem they just tell you to contact the manufacturer. They did this with me and my brother. They were no help at all and we wont buy from them again.

  esbe 19:54 06 Dec 2006

saw this - don't know how true it is though.

click here


  tammer 20:00 06 Dec 2006

The firms I've seen receive good feedback on this forum have been:

Evesham (I have an Evesham laptop and it's great)

  tammer 20:01 06 Dec 2006

and it's been fine. It was cheaper than anywhere else too.

  shizzy 21:55 06 Dec 2006

We bought from Comet 8 years ago and was told to go back if we had any problems. It was a nice PC but very noisy and when we took it back they didn't want to know and as Tribal-Wolf said told us to ring the manufacturer. We did this and the technician listened to it down the phone and told us to take it back to Comet for a refund. We had paid in cash but Comet said there was not enough in the till at that time of morning. We decided to upgrade to an IBM paid a bit more. However when we got home and unpacked it there was stuff missing so without even plugging it in took that one back and ask for a refund. They still stuck to their story of not enough money in the till and told us to ring up later in the day. This carried on for several days. When we eventually got the money back we bought from Evesham and still do. It has not been all plain sailing but any problems have got sorted in the end and we have found them to always honour their 3 year guarantee. So no we would never buy a computer from Comet again and will continue to give Evesham our custom.

  spuds 23:45 06 Dec 2006

Everyone to their own I suppose, but I refuse to use Comet any more, after a very bad public relations experience.

The old Comet, when it was owned by the Kingfisher Group (Woolworth) was very good and reliable with the many purchases that I made over a number of years.

The new Comet (under new ownership), seems to fail on customer service, which in my opinion is now a total let down.

My story: Printer failed, so wanted replacement urgently. Looked at various websites on the internet, and found a suitable product at Comet.Phoned the sales number for advice, and was informed that I could pick a printer up from the Comet store local to me. The 'adviser' did a stores check, and confirmed that the store had the product available, and arrangements had been made for me to collect at the website price. Great I thought, so off to Comet I went. Arrived at store, and the store knew nothing about the arrangement, and totally refused to honour the deal. Rather put out by the service that I had received,and the attitude of the duty manager and staff, I contacted Comet customer services. Total waste of time.Apparently, it was my fault in believing what I had been told by the sales adviser!.

Fortunately, a few doors away from the Comet store, was a PC World store, who not only supplied me with the particular printer, but also price matched.Had this not happened, then it would have a wasted 10 mile journey and nearly two hours of time, all at my expense.Comet were not at all interested in that.

  Stuartli 00:15 07 Dec 2006
  rupie 00:18 07 Dec 2006

I have never made a purchase from comet but cheap prices come at a cost and that is either componets or service. QUALITY COSTS; this includes time both yours and theirs

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