Comet: Faulty HDD No replacement; No Support.

  livewire 18:26 14 Dec 2004

My freind has a comet laptop 1 1/2 years old with a three year warranty. A few months ago his Hard Drive failed 'No OS detected' or something similar to that message on startup. After attempting to Re-format Windows XP Setup apprarently said it was unable to format the HDD, so my freind called Comet and he sent the Laptop back to base for replacement.

Today, he got the laptop returned to him. it worked fine for 2 hours but then a Blue Screen occured, but the system restarted automatically. However, the system would not start again and hangs at start up with a Blue Screen error: "Unmountable Boot Volume"

He phoned up again and treid to Re-format his HDD again with success but the problem still exists when booting into windows. Sometimes he also says that the Operating System Not found message is displayed instead at less frequency.

He phoned comet again but they replied that they belive the laptop left the workshop in full working order and only suggested that he obtain a copy of Windows 98 and test the system. Surely, they cant expect him to find a copy of Windows 98 to test his machine??? After all the system was installed with an OEM Windows XP Partition.

Chkdsk/r Finds no bad sectors on the disk and fixmbr makes no difference.

How can my freind get the support he needs? What step should he take so I can print this thread off and show him?

Thank-you for your help- it will be mmost appreciated. :)

  Rayuk 18:43 14 Dec 2004

click here

Did they say whether they had replaced the hard drive.

Insist firmly but politely that they take it back for repair under the warranty.

I certainly wouldnt be buying a different os for a machine that came with XP on it.

  TomJerry 19:08 14 Dec 2004

check the HDD and print out fault report and show to the face of tech support people.

If you know the maker of HDD, you can download check sotware from HDD maker's web site.

  mbp 21:07 14 Dec 2004

Comet's prices are the attraction. Except for repairs while under warranty I often get services from outside technicians.

  Wilham 22:12 14 Dec 2004

Read the details in the original 3 yr warranty.
Take pc back to the shop with a note explaining what looks wrong together with a photocopy of the extended guarantee.

Explain you (or friend) are considering hiring a temp replacement pc and expect Comet to foot the hire bill if there's unreasoable delay in the repair. Don't express anger. Ask for a scrap piece of their headed notepaper for you to copy the address to send the bill.

And of course make sure you get a dated receipt when you hand over the laptop.

  Stuartli 17:10 15 Dec 2004

High street retailers such as Comet, Dixons etc use third party repair companies.

Hence the constant stream of complaints from cusomters who have difficulty/can't get their products repaired or, in some cases, not done very well.

One of these local high street stores directs its customers wanting electronics repairs to recently purchased goods to my mate's independent audio/visual/appliances shop.

He politely but firmly tells them to take it back to where they bought it....:-)

If you save a few quid buying at such high street outlets (ironically his prices are very competitive with the big names as he's a member of Euronics), then you must be prepared to accept a lower level of after sales service.

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