Come in and get surfing because the water's great.

  TOPCAT® 18:31 24 Nov 2003

Or is it? According to this article, click here , not many older people make use of the Internet because they are used to doing online things in other ways. I'll wager our own silver surfer members could well argue with that finding.

I'm currently trying to get her indoors interested in giving it a whirl, but it's an uphill struggle! I shall succeed ere long though. :o) TC.

  [DELETED] 19:09 24 Nov 2003

Hi TOPCAT i'm in my 50's and use the internet for lots of things like shopping, banking and finding out about things that interest me I send e-mails and download things and can't imagine what I did before computers although I didn't start till 2 years ago so tell her indoors give a try but you may regret it if she takes to it as you will have to book time on your own computer ;-) Tom>>>

  wee eddie 19:23 24 Nov 2003

Do they really allow youngsters like you on an adult forum like this!

  [DELETED] 20:40 24 Nov 2003

wee eddie Thanks for the complement ( I think?) ;-)

  [DELETED] 21:26 24 Nov 2003

Me too!

I've just turned 50 and only in the past year have I started to get into all things to do with computers,and what amazes me is how did I ever survive without them! (OK not quite with out them, we had them at work but that was different!).

I have a young family (two boys 9 & 6 - I know I started late in life!), and I thought I better get cracking to find out as much as I could as quickly as I could so that I could try to stay at least one step ahead of them! So far, so good but for how much longer is anyones guess!

Since finding this forum, I have learned loads of stuff (but how much has sunk in I am not quite sure!). Anyway, keep up the good work folks!

  TOPCAT® 21:42 24 Nov 2003

Congrats on the promotion - though I can't remember signing the recommendation! :o)

Seriously though, I think there are more old timers surfing than they really know about. Let us hope the governments, local and national, do all they can to help swell the numbers. It certainly keeps the old grey cells working and there's nothing wrong in that.

Regarding your last sentence, I'm afraid I've overlooked that problem. I've already taken the case cover off so she'll think there's something wrong with the PC. Rotten devil, are'nt I? :o) TC.

  Stuartli 10:22 25 Nov 2003

Letter in the Daily Mail today from an elderly convert to computing - well worth a read, especially to learn just how he got started with bits and bobs and cheap secondhand PCs from markets.

I recently introduced an 81-year-old lady to the world of computers, the Internet etc.

Can't keep her away from her brand new Mesh system. Says it's the best birthday present she's ever given herself...:-)

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