Come into a bit of money, help me spend it.

  Pooke 15:47 06 Sep 2005

Money not really an issue for purchase although don't go OTT.

I have an AMD athlon xp 3200 based computer at the moment does all I need and more. I am on Ntl 3meg cable bb.

I wanna second PC to share this internet connection.

A> I need hardware to network? get them to share the connection.

B> It needs to play games like the sims 2 and a few recent releases.

C> should I go for a lappy as it's a small house and the current PC is a big chunky tower.

D> Should I wait til next year when Vista is released.

Any help appreciated.


  Stuartli 15:50 06 Sep 2005

I'll send you my bank account details via the yellow envelope...:-)

  wee eddie 16:33 06 Sep 2005

I seem to remember a load of heart searching over the purchase of this system.

Vista will need a load of dosh and new software. Hold onto it until then

  Stuartli 19:32 06 Sep 2005

Looks like only me and thee are interested...:-)

If you put off until tomorrow what you could have today you miss out big time and you can never, ever get the time or the enjoyment you would have had back.

  Wuggy 22:43 06 Sep 2005

I've an old (almost legal) version of Windows 95 which I can assure you is worth it's weight in shiny coin and will do everything that Vista would like to do, only slower but with more excitement.
I might be prepared to part with this sentimental piece of antique software for the right price although pre-decimal currency would be subject to negotiation. Were it me I would open an account at my local off licence and have then deliver to me a bottle of whisky (Scotch of course) every time a flaw is discovered in Internet Explorer or whatever version of Windows is currently in vogue.
I would also be prepared to sign up with Alcoholics Anonymous. Enjoy your bit of money and have some fun with it. If your PC does what you want it to do there's no point in asking it to do more.

Get yourself over to Vadim computers website. You can build your own PC selecting each and every component. You can take it up to about £14k for their top of the line dual xeon machine.

If you do use them, report back on your experience. I'm thinking of buying from them myself although considerably less than the £14k model :)

  Stuartli 23:13 06 Sep 2005

Vadim is an excellent company to deal with and offers first class after sales service including rapid e-mail responses.

Bought my TwinHan PCI Freeview TV card from them about 10 months ago and, when it began playing up a few weeks ago, offered to swap it for the latest D+A model which I accepted.

  ventanas 10:56 07 Sep 2005

Get one of these click here

  Pooke 16:16 07 Sep 2005

How much? Should I take out a mortgage to fund the purchase?

  NoeK 00:59 08 Sep 2005

I agree with Wuggy. Not to mention he/she had me in stitches!

  Pooke 17:01 08 Sep 2005

It's being flogged! Getting a new 64bit machine. Which AMD processor should I be getting?

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