Colour and Resolution in W2K

  waterpau 11:19 12 Apr 2005


I had a few problems with my PC recently, and opted to re-install Windows 2000 myself, it having originally been installed by a friend as a favour.

After formatting my hard disk, and after a bit of faffing about, I managed to get the operating system working.

However, since installation, I only seem to be able to run the system in 16 Colour (4-bit) mode, in 800x600 resolution. I have a Hercules 3D Prophet II MX VGA card, and thought that running the drivers would fix the colour problems, but this didn't work (the card needed 256 colour mode to be available to reach its potential.)

I slowly got used to the 4-bit colour, as I was only bringing work home to finish on Excel, etc., but since I purchased a new 17" TFT and Flight Sim, it's a problem I need to resolve.

Are there any drivers or software I could install that would allow me to run with 32 bit colour, and ideally with 1024x768 resolution?

Any suggestions appreciated,



  PsiFox 11:35 12 Apr 2005

Yes you need drivers for the gfx card.

Should be able to get what you need from here

click here

  waterpau 11:51 12 Apr 2005

Thanks, Psifox. I'll give these drivers a whirl tonight.

  waterpau 10:38 13 Apr 2005

Great Psifox. I couldn't run the drivers from the CD but spent a few hours figuring out how to update the driver through the control panel. Worked a treat.



  PsiFox 10:45 13 Apr 2005


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