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Cold chips

  Macscouse 00:14 14 Oct 2012

This afternoon, whilst out in the car, we stopped in a small Highland town, and seeing a chipshop, decided we fancied a takeaway. I always ask for a chip before they are wrapped up, as I hate cold chips. The chipshop owner wasn't very happy when I said that the chips were too cool to be enjoyed. He did cook some more, but it got me to wondering, was he breaking the law by selling cool chips?

  Macscouse 23:55 16 Oct 2012

Anyone lucky enough to visit Callander in the Trossachs, will find two chipshops. One is usually empty, and the other, a pokey little shop that holds no more than ten people queuing, is teeming. A ten minute wait is normal, and it is situated a minute's walk from the car park at the river, where there are plenty of benches and litter bins galore, all stuffed with chip wrappers. Six people behind the counter, working flat out. No cold chips there. Well worth the wait.

FE Can you do the honours, and tick this resolved, please. Like my dad Bingalau, I have no way to resolve a thread.

  morddwyd 06:10 17 Oct 2012

Our local chippy often wins "Best in UK" or "Best in Scotland" (the last time it changed hands, about ten years ago, it was for £1.6m, that's a lot of fish and chips to sell!) and summertime Sundays queues are regularly an hour or more, sometimes two (and that is not "poetic licence"!.

They do a nice piece of fish, but it'll be a cold day in hell before I stand for two hours for a fish supper!

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