clothing with only a ONE month warranty

  sunnystaines 12:30 18 Nov 2012

my wife watches shopping channels, some of your wifes may this habit too. The main one has always had good service. however we got a poor quality item of clothing and were told today clothing is only guranteed for one month. i had always thought 6 months was the going standard for clothing.

thought i would make you aware as the presenters do not mention this. problem is this case resolved they have agreed to refund, now cancelled other clothing items ordered. If the supplier has no faith in the products lasting over one month then we dont want them.

wondering if its a result of so much manufactoring moving to china were quantity not quality counts.

  March Hare 16:12 18 Nov 2012

My understanding of the law is that retailers' guarantees are in addition to, and cannot replace, your statutory rights under the sale of goods act.

  morddwyd 19:39 18 Nov 2012

If they only last a month they are surely not of merchantable quality in the first place?

Normal trading standards rules should apply.

  sunnystaines 21:02 18 Nov 2012


thats similar to what i told them on the phone, the telephone operator had a word with someone out of my hearing then offered a refund. They will not get any clothing orders from us anymore not sure what warranty their american branch has.

  BT 08:50 19 Nov 2012

Are we sure that we are talking about the actual Guarantee or the shopping channel's 30 day money back guarantee if you just don't like the item and want to return it.

If its QVC we are talking about they are usually very good about faulty products. I had a computer graphics tablet that was well over its 12 month guarantee and when it went wrong I phoned them and they gave me a full refund, and paid the return postage.

I think the 30 day period is so that you can actually see the goods so that you can decide if they are suitable. They have had the same problem as do shops like M&S when people buy an article of clothing, wear it for a wedding or such and then return it for a refund. I saw a documentary about M&S and they showed a couple of staff shredding returned clothes, as they can't resell it if its not in its original packing or has been worn. It costs them a lot of money and I believe they have now introduced some restrictions on returns.

Similar applies to companies like Argos who limit refunds on items like Cameras and Video cameras, as people would buy them, use them to film a wedding or other event and them return the item. They will only give a refund if the item is actually faulty.

  spuds 17:10 19 Nov 2012

I have purchased from the likes of QVC, and had to return an item, which we were offered a refund without any problem. Another telesales type supplier, I think it was Chums, wanted the item (a pair of boots with split sole) back before giving a refund.

I happened to mention the split sole incident to the local Trading Standards, when I had a later similar 'split sole' problem with a pair of local purchased shoes. The reply there was that guarantees can be a problem on such items, and in the main would depend on purchase price and retailer's policy. These particular shoes were marked at £20.00, reduced as clearance to half price at £10.00. The retailer offered a replacement of similar type shoe or a refund. We took the refund. Both boot and shoe split sole problems occured within 4/5 month of purchase.

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