clash of the Titans! AMD vs. Intel

  The Moppit 14:41 16 Dec 2005

I have been browsing and have found the perfect computer for me! Well, almost. What I am not quite so sure about is it uses AMD Separon and these are not mentioned as much in most Computing Magazines. I have found a similar spec. computer with an AMD Athlon 60 3500+ instead and costs around the same amount. should I go for the Athlon as it is 64 bit and is supposedly 'more future proof'.

My secound question is do AMD's run at around 3.0 Ghz if it is a 3000+ or do they only run at the actual speed quoted which is around 2.0 Ghz or just a little over. If this is so then should I forget AMD and focus on Intel's Pentium 4?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:54 16 Dec 2005

You are unlikely to notice any difference whatsoever and the phrase 'future-proof' has no meaning at all. You can still run Word on a 266mhz computer or a 3.5Gh. Run a search for AMD v Intel on this site and you will find loads of dull threads that seem to hit the same conclusion.


  sharkfin 15:21 16 Dec 2005

If its between the two, then I would definately go with the Athlon as the sempron is the budget little brother version, And doesnt perform as well.

Getting the 64Bit also allows you to upgrage and run 64bit applications etc when they do come out.

  The Moppit 15:26 16 Dec 2005

I had a feeling that that would be the case. Can anyone answer my secound question please. Do AMD's run at 3.0 Ghz if they are a 3000+ model or do they run at around 2.2 Ghz?

Also, is Hyper Transport thingy majigy the same as Hyper Threadng? What are its main advatages? and should I spend extra on getting it as I have a fairly tight budget of around £500 (I am not getting a moniter with my PC so it is a lot cheaper).

  keef66 16:00 16 Dec 2005

No, an Athlon 3000+ is so called because it is supposed to perform as well as a Pentium running at 3.0 Ghz. It actually runs slower as you say. It's not a con, the comparison is more or less valid, and I'd go with the Athlon 64 based pc. More processor for your money than Intel.

As a sweeping generalisation I'd suggest go for the Athlon if you intend to do any serious gaming, or the Pentium if you'll be doing video editing or similar. Avoid the Sempron.

In crude terms yes, hyper transport and hyper threading are similar things and describe the chip architecture and the way it allows the cpu to handle many tasks simultaneously.

One word of advice about Savastore; don't try to change anything once you've placed the order. They are very good at delivering what you ask for in the first place, but hopeless if you change your mind about anything later, and you can't easily contact them by phone.


  The Moppit 16:31 16 Dec 2005

O.K thanks for all your support guys, 9 days 'till christmas and hopefully I should have the money by then!

Just one last question. With the AMD Athlon 3500+, does it have HT? or are there to models, one with HT and one without?


  DieSse 17:05 16 Dec 2005

Hyper-Transport and Hyper-Threading are nothing like each other.

Hyper-Transport (which AMD processors have) click here is a way of improving the efficiency of sending signals around the system

Heper-Threading (which Intel processors have) is a way fo using a single processor as two *virtual* processors (ie doing two tasks at once). It only works with programs written to use it - and it's aim is to improve processing throughput.

Don't panic over the terms. They're both just *go-faster* mechanisms.

Both CPUs are very fast (though a Sempron would be less fast) - I'd worry more about the other faciliyies in the system, such as how much RAM to get.

  The Moppit 19:37 16 Dec 2005

O.K. thnaks for all your help. I have decided that I am most likely to go for an AMD Athlon 3000+ with 1Gb of Ram (probably 2x512kb)

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