CI buy a new laptop without the battery.

  Rotenone 21:28 14 May 2008

I am interested in buying a new Toshiba P200D-127 laptop to use at home as an extra to my desktop computer. I will be using it with mains power all the time so I won't need a battery.I believe batteries are fairly expensive so I was wondering if I could buy this maching minus the battery and hence minus the battery price as well.

  jimmybond 01:40 15 May 2008

there may not be any toshiba salesmen here, so why don't you phone them and ask....although your chances are somewhere between zero, and none.

  Acx 03:27 15 May 2008

Best guess no, but even if you could why would you want to, with out a battery it may as well be a desktop!!!

  Rotenone 07:29 15 May 2008

The reason that I don't want a battery in the laptop is because I want to be able to use it around the house-i.e. I want the portability.I can use it in every room with mains power so I really can get along without a battery(and without paying for something I will not use).

  Meshuga 08:38 15 May 2008

And what will you do when you have some important and urgent work to do and there is a power failure. I get plenty of those in my area and would be lost without battery backup.

  €dstowe 09:11 15 May 2008

You could buy it complete with battery and then sell that on eBay - you could state it is new and get a good price.

  Coffee Adict 17:53 15 May 2008

I hardly ever use my laptop on batteries, but its nice to know they are there in case of a power cut.

  ronalddonald 21:44 02 Jun 2008

a tosh lappie the battery is already included in the cost.

  Cymro. 12:27 03 Jun 2008

I have had my laptop a couple of years and hardly ever use it except on the mains so I see the point in being able to buy one without the battery. Mind you I must admit I have used it on the battery a few times.

As for Acx suggestion of a desktop, well I just don`t want all the clutter that seems to go with such a machine, what with the tower, the often separate speakers etc. a desktop just takes up too much room.

At the end of a session on the computer I just switch off close the lid and stick the laptop back in the cupboard. When we had a desktop it seemed to take over the whole spare bedroom.

  oresome 17:52 03 Jun 2008

The battery could well be an integral part of the power supply design in that it helps smooth the DC current, filters out spikes and supplies the peak current demand that the electronics can't.

On the other hand, it may work perfectly well without one!

Either way, don't confuse the cost of a replacement battery with the possible saving made by purchasing a laptop minus a battery.

  Rotenone 20:10 03 Jun 2008

May I thank everybody who has made suggestions concerning buying a laptop without a battery. I will bear in mind all of your comments when I purchase one in the near future.

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