chrome bookmarks

  MJS WARLORD 09:06 21 Jul 2014

Is it possible to make chromes bookmarks vertical the same as the favorites tab in internet explorer.

  alanrwood 09:40 21 Jul 2014

Don't really know what your problem is. In my Chrome the bookmarks are displayed vertically exactly the same as in IE. Can you post a picture of what you get in Chrome and in IE so we can see the difference.

  MJS WARLORD 11:12 21 Jul 2014

thanks alanrwood maybe i need to explain a bit more , by default chromes bookmarks go horizontal across the top of the screen and you then click a small cheveron on far right to show the ones you cant see.

if you right click in a gap between the bookmarks you see a tab saying bookmark manager , this makes the bookmarks into a vertical column just like internet explorer , the problem is they only look like this for as long as the browser is open , i want the bookmark to be vetical ALL the time.

  Batch 16:23 28 Jul 2014

Try the Neater Bookmarks extension click here. It uses the same bookmarks information as the Chrome inbuilt capability but is much slicker. I've been using ever since I first got Chrome.

  alanrwood 21:16 28 Jul 2014

The basis bookmark facility in Chrome shows bookmarks in a vertical column exactly like Internet Explorer. The Bookmarks Bar which runs along the top is completely customisable with whatever individual bookmarks you prefer. You don't need addons at all for this.

When you add a bookmark by using the "Add Bookmark star icon" you can choose where it is put in the menu that drops down. Pick Bookmarks Bar if you want it there or select a different folder below.

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