A Christmas present to yourself.?

  Stuartli 17:38 19 Dec 2003

The NEC 1300ND dual format 4x DVD writer at click here can be yours by Christmas, according to an e-mail just received, for £68.99 if ordered by midnight on Sunday, December 21st..:-)

  [DELETED] 20:51 20 Dec 2003

I think I'll wait before upgrading my 2X Panasonic. In a few weeks time the new 8X writers will appear.

  [DELETED] 21:03 20 Dec 2003

Well, after a lot of umm-ing and arrhh-ing, I finally let the missus buy me the Plextor PX-708T3B with 8x writing.

I am hop[ing that this drive will be fairly "future proof" and am incouraged by the fact that i have yet to find 8 speed media!!

OK, at £160 it is on the high side but then again I have always found Plextor to be faultless!

What has she got in return? Well, try getting a 28" widescreen into a blasted stocking and hiding it till Xmas morning!!!!

  [DELETED] 21:04 20 Dec 2003

Gawd - Typos galore and its only the 20th!!

  Stuartli 11:45 21 Dec 2003

I would normally fully agree with you over Plextor but my first CD-RW rewriter was a TDK 12x10x24 Vortex, a rebadged version of the Plextor of the same model name.

It went faulty within three months, TDK replaced it after first sending it FOC and back to its Luxembourg HQ; the second had the same fault not all that long afterwards and, this time, because the Vortex had been discontinued, replaced it with the then £190 CyClone 24x10x40, which was Samsung based.

Had no problems with the CyClone....

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