Choosing a PC (desktop) for home use

  'KERR'mit_THE_frog 18:30 16 Feb 2016

Hi, I'm looking to purchase a decent DESKTOP for my home. I'm looking in the range of £300-400 but Iam willing to stretch to about £450. The computer will be used for gaming (on steam) and work. I would prefer not to have an AIO.

  rdave13 19:02 16 Feb 2016

Doubt you will have a decent gaming machine under £600. Have a look at Cillblast's site, just one I picked at random. More to choose and to configure. Although a desktop keep a wary look out for size of PSU and other hardware in the specs if you're looking for a bargain from a standard manufacturer. Also keep a wary eye out on the terms they use on auction sites. A 3 GHz CPU is still 3 GHz regardless of how many cores it has.

  'KERR'mit_THE_frog 20:03 16 Feb 2016

I'm sorry I'm really bad at understanding what I need for a decent gaming PC. What sort of specs would I be looking at?

  rdave13 21:25 16 Feb 2016

For Steam games, generally, the more you can afford then the better. Otherwise you will be frustrated by the frame rates. See my previous link then search for a gaming desktops and view the specifications. Anything under a 500W PSU I wouldn't touch. Some sellers allow for monthly payment and would be worth while to consider if you are a serious gamer. High end PSU, SSD with a Hard drive, as much GPU as you can afford. Otherwise try an XBOX one. If you like consoles.

  'KERR'mit_THE_frog 21:36 16 Feb 2016

Yeah I am mainly a console man tbh they're are just easier. What would be wrong with one of these click here ?

  rdave13 21:53 16 Feb 2016

180 W AC power adapter says it all really. Look behind the hype. You want a gaming PC you will have to pay for it. The more the better for performance. Keep scrolling down to technical details, then lower down again and click on See Complete Technical Specifications . Shite really for games but perfectly reasonable to playing YouTube videos in HD.

  'KERR'mit_THE_frog 22:43 16 Feb 2016

Okay so what does the power 180 W power adapter mean? What does it do? As I say I'm not all that tech savvy, I understand the basics but not much more than that I'm afraid. When you're looking at computers what are you looking for in a graphics, what differs good from bad?

  rdave13 23:16 16 Feb 2016

It's a 'PC' with a power adapter akin to the one's you have with a laptop. What differs from a gaming PC to an ordinary one is price to be blunt. Aim for a gaming PC of medium specs then £700 to about £900. That's for mediocre to good games machines that will be outdated in a few years. Have a look at the link I posted previously, and look behind the hype, at every different PC they supply. That should give you a good idea.

  martd7 00:08 17 Feb 2016

This is decent budget pc for the money but your looking at £700 for a good games machine

click here

  Benjamin Rees 10:34 19 Feb 2016


For a gaming PC you have to stretch your budget up to £700-750. As a gaming PC needs a good processor, Graphics Card, Motherboard and PSU.

  'KERR'mit_THE_frog 17:12 21 Feb 2016

Alright, I think I have found a pc. 'Be decided on one that I found YouTube that looks pretty decent for about £555. I was wondering what I could use in stead of the Radeon r9 290 OC becuase it seems to be quite hard to get hold of in the UK? Here's the link to the video: click here

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