Choosing new PC--help

  muddypaws 13:51 31 Jul 2009

My present system is Win. XPHome SP2.
nVidea 6600GT 3 years old
Motherboard Asus P4P800-X 3 years old.
PSU 350w 7 years old
P.4 2.4 7 years old. ( Old faithful!)
I have been able to 'play' FS2004 (fs9) on about 60% settings with fps of 20-22.
If there are any fs9ers or fsXers out there can they advise me if the below spec would be any good for fsX please?
click here
I am not a 'gamer' so just want fsX to tick over at a reasonable speed.( Can't afford a gaming machine!)
Would it cope with a few HD video clips?
I could always upgrade the graphics at a later stage.
Thanks for any help.

  GaT7 14:41 31 Jul 2009

That Acer PC you linked to is unlikely to take any worthwhile graphics card upgrades on account of its form factor/size.

Get something like this click here for £220 & an OS for £60 - WinXP/Vista click here.

Looks like you have a budget of ~£500, so with the rest of the money (£220), get the following upgrades:
- Graphics card, e.g. a £76 HD4850 click here
- PSU, e.g. a £38 Corsair 400W CX click here (required for the graphics card upgrade)
- Monitor, e.g. a £86 19" TFT click here
- Keyboard/mouse/speakers? for £20

Another alternative to the above upgrades is a £54 HD4670 (click here) which will not require a better PSU, thus saving £60 overall. You could save this money, or use it for a larger monitor (click here) for example. G

  GaT7 14:45 31 Jul 2009

Another alternative is this PC @ Overclockers for just over £400 with an OS & HD4850 graphics click here. Then purchase a 19" TFT from eBuyer (link above). G

  GaT7 15:11 31 Jul 2009

Sorry, just realised that Windows 7 is available for pre-order for £50 (e.g Argos click here|category_root|Video+games|14419738/c_2/2|cat_14419738|Pre-orders|14647864.htm). So, if you're thinking of getting Vista, get Win7 instead.

But be quick to place a pre-order immediately, & download the RC click here (expires 20/08) to try out & install on your new system. After Aug 15th prices are set to double, then triple early next year. G

  GaT7 15:12 31 Jul 2009

The Argos link again click here. G

  muddypaws 18:50 31 Jul 2009

I appreciate all your responses Crossbow7 and I have checked your suggestions out.
Following up your eBuyer link I found this.
click here
It goes over my £500 limit, but feel that being into my 70's I would prefer a ready built--off the shelf one in spite of having learnt an awful lot in my seven years of computing.
I do have a 19" TFT that is working perfectly although not w/screen.
There is no mention of the PSU on this link but assume that my TFT would be OK at 1280x1024.
What do you reckon.
Thanks again for your help.

  muddypaws 19:17 31 Jul 2009

Although I missed this that you mentioned:
click here
A lot cheaper.
Any dealings with them?
reviews seem OK.

  GaT7 19:55 31 Jul 2009

No, never had any dealings with OcUK before.

Well, here's another from eBuyer click here with a Q8200 instead of the Zoostorm's slightly better Q8300 (your link), but @ £150 less (& £449 all in) it represents much better value for money. It also has 2Gb less RAM, but 250Gb more hard drive space.

If you've not had a widescreen monitor before, I'd strongly recommend one - a 22"-24" even if it'll fit in your budget.

And who said you cannot afford a gaming machine?! :-), G

  birdface 21:04 31 Jul 2009

Hi already purchased your first click here from e-buyer And ordered the Windows7 disc from Amazon but that does not start till the middle of October.
I was e-mailed by e-buyer that I would receive it Monday or Tuesday and of course it came when I was out today.I thought that it was fairly cheap at the price the noisy fan never put me off.can't be any noisier than the one I have.Also ordered a 22" television which I can also use as a monitor I believe.[I hope]So might download that Windows7 RC version that you mentioned in the mean time.
I was wondering what I was going to do with it for 3 months without an operating system.
I will have a look at the other upgrade things that you mentioned but as I only need a sort of standard Computer I don't think that I will be changing anything.

muddypaws good luck with your new computer.I hope things go well for you.

  muddypaws 21:46 31 Jul 2009

I'll get there in the end!
My old girl is struggling now--down to one internal and external back up.
Graphics card keeps telling me it is on reduced power, although I think that could be a false pos. as all programmes and TFT appear normal including fs9.
Will ring OC in the morning and discuss number of USBs etc etc.
Heard quite a bit of anti about Mesh, probably unjustified so am a bit wary.
Thanks again.

  muddypaws 19:44 02 Aug 2009

Rang OCUK yesterday and they were very helpful, but forgot to ask the following.
Is a 64 bit mobo AMD Athlon 64X2 dual core compatible with a 32 bit OS ie Vista Home Premium 32 bit.
I am not too clued up re 32/64bit thingies!

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