Choosing an external hard drive

  Addie 12:38 18 Aug 2012

I need a larger external hard drive to back up to my PC. I was thinking of 1TB. As I use a desk top, it wouldn't necessarily have to be portable, but there again a portable one would take up less room on my desk.

Are there any benefits to getting a larger form external hard drive to one really designed to be more for laptop use does anyone know?

I am also a little confused as to the merits of using any accompanying software. The external drive I have used to date is a Western Digital but I just manually saved whatever files I wanted on it rather than using any software. Sometimes everything went smoothly doing a 'save' this way, other times even though I performed the same task the same way, it didn't save all the files & I needed to repeat the process. This meant that each time I performed a backup I have needed to check through several files to ensure that all necessary data is actually there. I could do with a bit of guidance really as to what might be a good choice for me and would appreciate any assistance anyone can offer. Thanks.

  frybluff 21:24 18 Aug 2012

Western Digital are as good as any. Seagate are also OK. A 1TB USB3 WD will set you back about £75. I think desktops are slightly more reliable, unless you want something you can "stick in a safe place", each time.

DECENT back-up software is worth getting, especially if you want to do frequent back-ups of important stuff, and gives much more peace of mind, that you can recover, if you do have "a disaster".

Acronis True Image is generally regarded as the best, at around £35. There are some quite good free ones, like Paragon, but I use Acronis, as I think it's £35 well spent. For instance, you can set it to automatically check your back-ups, once they are done, and give you an alert, if there's a problem.

  rdave13 02:30 19 Aug 2012

frybluff , check out Paragon's hard disk manager 12 suit. Not free and in my very humble opinion much better than Acronis.

  Addie 16:01 19 Aug 2012

Thanks for the advice. Will go and have another look around the online shops to see what I can find.

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