Diodorus Siculus 19:04 29 Oct 2006

Use code 02387516 to get £2 off when spending £25 - not a lot but better than a poke in the eye as they say!

They do very good value compatible inks etc.

click here

  Totally-braindead 23:43 29 Oct 2006

Diodorus Siculus shame you didn't post that last week as I just bought a load of stuff from them on Thursday. Never mind.

  Diodorus Siculus 00:36 30 Oct 2006

Don't think it was there last week :-(

I have just had an e-mail from them saying that from November they will no longer sell multi-packs of their inks.If this is correct, then buying in bulk will make their prices very uncompetitive.

  Taff™ 06:45 30 Oct 2006

The e-mail appears to have been badly worded. They meant that their "Eggstatic Dozen Bundles" offer was coming to an end (I think) There was an earlier thread.

The e-mail states

"This November ALL our Epson Compatible Multi Packs will be discontinued for Ever."

The word ALL is in red. Nothing ambiguous about that I think.

  Totally-braindead 12:16 30 Oct 2006

ELECTRON99 as has been said there was a thread about this and it is a mistake on Choices part. They are not stopping all their mulitpacks, you can still get the packs containing say 4 or 8 carts as said its the large dozen bundles they are stopping.
Having said that its a bit like MFI and their sale ending. They start another sale the next week and although Choice are saying they are stopping it forever they may well bring out another deal later on. We'll just have to wait and see I think.

Totally-braindead. Using the search function on this site does not throw up this 'other' thread.That is beside the point.If it is an error, why have not Choice e-mailed a correction; after all it will cost them very little.If I were cynical I would think that this 'error' is a device to panic people into buying sooner, rather than later, which I was about to do, before stepping back and giving it some thought.I have now purchased from another company, which incidentally,were 30% cheaper than the soon to be,or not to be, discontinued multi-packs.

  Sic 09:21 31 Oct 2006

Well I bought a multi pack from choice last week for my C84 photo edition, 6 black carts and 2 each of colour carts for £31 inc postage i think. You can't argue with that, especially when their ink is good and does not bugger my printer up!

Though i too got the email about stopping multi packs, i shall wait and see what their prices are like later in the year, im sure another way of buying bulk carts will come about from them. A very good company with excellent customer service and high quality product.

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