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  halliborange 11:08 10 Apr 2008

On 3/3/08 I ordered a complete set of Epson compatible Think Ink for my Epson R220. I had ordered this several times before and was very pleased with the quality of the Ink. When I recieved the order the invoice stated clearlt Think Ink but what I recieved was Re Inked. I contacted Choice through the website to explain and ask for replacement. I recieved an automated reply but no response. Over the next few weeks I emailed twice again each time recieving a recieved reply but no response. I then searched the forum and forund contact details for the MD of Choice and I emailed him directly (at both the adresses in the Forum - still no response. Almost daily I recieve an email from Choice advising me of offers, but they won't respond to my emails. How do I get them to respond to my problem? Any ideas?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:20 10 Apr 2008

Have you tried phoning them? 0845 094 5730.


  choicestationery 16:19 10 Apr 2008


We respond to all emails every day, infact normally within minutes of them coming in.

There is obvioulsy a problem here if you are not receiving our replies, however I agree with GANDALF why not ring if you are not receiving them.

We do not get many complaints (not blowing my own trumpet but we dont) and I do remember reply to such an email about 2 weeks ago, so I know it was sent.

If you would like to resend please do, or as GANDALF said please ring.


  halliborange 22:37 10 Apr 2008

Thanks Gandalf and Paul. I have resent my email to Paul and will update once I have his reply. Thanks again, David

  halliborange 23:06 11 Apr 2008

I have now corresponded with Paul.
To summarise Choice previously sold cartridges under the Brand Think+ - these were not refilled cartridges. They have now changed the brand to Think and the cartridges are refills.
At the time of my order Choice were out of stock of Think cartridges so supplied cartridges branded "re-inked", these, they say, are the same cartridges.
When the order was delivered the delivery note clearly states Think cartridges and no mention is made of any substitution. Choice then ignored my contact through their website (e mails from the domain reach me regularly and are not caught by my anti spam).
I feel that by acting as they did Choice did not provide the level of customer service I expected - a letter with the delivery explainong the substitution would at least have clarified the position. Ultimately I will now let the matter rest and leave it to anyone else reading this post to make up their own minds.

  choicestationery 00:33 12 Apr 2008

Dear David

We have been corresponding by email on several occasions and you did admit that perhaps the reason for you not receiving our original replies were due to your spam filter.

As soon as you resent your email yesterday I replied within minutes as I would normally do, and have also just replied within the hour to your latest email sent at 11:30pm this evening - I dont know many companies that do this.

Our new cartridges are different to the Think Plus cartridges which you have received in the past, however it was not Think Plus that you ordered at the time or advertised on the webiste either.

We have offered you a refund if you wanted, however you have declined this tonight.

Choice wants all its customers to be happy and it would appear some confusion has occured here when comparing the new cartridges with the old style Think Plus cartridges.

The REINK and Think cartridges are identical, just different packaging. Our sister company sells the REINK brand and when we fulfilled your order were out of the Think packaging and to avoid a delay sent REINK.

Yes I agree with you perhaps a covering note should have been put in with your order advising this, and we will look to do this in future.

I do think however it was unfair to say we have ignored your emails when infact replies were sent to all of them, and you have said that perhaps your spam filter may have blocked these.

I am pleased you have now received our emails and hopefully any confusion has been resolved, if not please again do not hesitate to contact me directly so that I can discuss further with you.


Paul Andrews

  tullie 09:32 12 Apr 2008

Cant ask more that that.I have allways found Choice a good company to deal with.

  anchor 11:51 12 Apr 2008


What exactly is the difference between your "Think +" cartridges, (that I have satisfactorily used in the past in my Epson 895), and the current "Think" cartridges?.

  spuds 12:44 12 Apr 2008

Perhaps you have been extremely fortunate, and no doubt you and many other customers have received excellent service, I wouldn't and perhaps couldn't disagree with that. But at times, there can be 'errors'(nothing is 100%) in the system, and it at those times when the cracks begin to show.

I have had problems with Choice products, and in fairness, after correspondence, the problems have been rectified eventually, and not by immediate response as Paul Andrews seems to suggest. A typical example of a recent order, was the items were sent by Choice about 2 weeks ago, after a weeks delay and received by me, and it was only the other day that I received the despatch email informing me that the goods were being despatched, and this can onlybe put down to an administration error,and perhaps another consignment is actually en-route!.

Another problem that I seem to have, is buying a number of the same cartridges (mainly for reserve), then finding if one fails from that batch, will the others. You cannot find this out until the day or days of later usage. I have had a part replacement of an order, through poor printouts, and the remaining cartridges (not replaced) are now appearing suspect. So everything in life, is not always perfect.

This is not a rant about Choice Stationary, but what I would call a fair comment, in perhaps equalising the scales a little. And perhaps in so doing, is pointing out that things can and possibly do go wrong, and when this occurs, opinions can perhaps change on a company and the final handling of a situation!.

  De Nada 13:01 12 Apr 2008

I have been a customer of choice stationery for quite a while, i think they have had about three or four different names on their ink carts since i have been getting my ink from them, and it was all good ink,i have tried other ink companies in the past just to see if they are as good value,(about the same price) but i havnt found one that is on a par with choice, i dont know anyone at choice stationery and i am not connected with the company,it is just my honest opinion,and i would guess all their other customers that keep going back agree,

  halliborange 22:43 13 Apr 2008

Just to clarify, the original Think+ Inks sold by Choice were a compatible but not Refilled product. I was extremely satisfied with them. So satisfied that I made several re orders. However, on my last reorder I failed to notice that the + has been dropped and they are now just Think Inks which are old cartridges refilled. Then, when I received Ink branded "re-inked" with an invoice for Think Ink I naturally thought there had been a mistake. My e mails through the website were not replied to (I use rear-receipt and did get a receipt for one which proved it was recieved).
Paul acknowledges that the Ink sent was in substitution as they had no Think Ink at the time of my order and agrees that a note to this effect might have helped. I still feel that simply dropping the + from the brand name and changing from a compatible to a refilled product is somewhat questionable.
As Paul says he has offered a refund but only if I pay postage.
In the end it's a small problem and I'll simply try another supplier, it's no big deal. Thanks all, David

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