Choice Stationery Problem

  ened 17:42 04 Apr 2007

Has anybody had any problems with this company recently?

  pj123 18:13 04 Apr 2007

Personally, I have never had a problem with Choice and I have been using them for a few years now.

Don't know what problems you are experiencing but having said that, you might like to look at this previous thread.

  ened 18:23 04 Apr 2007

I have never had a problem either, but this time the cartridges are well overdue.

pj123 You forgot the link but I think I saw the thread, did it say something about Jersey?

HMV post from Jersey but I still get things pretty quickly.

  spuds 18:42 04 Apr 2007
  spuds 18:45 04 Apr 2007

Whoops sorry, link error, try click here

  ened 18:53 04 Apr 2007

Thanks for that.

If my order fails to arrive in the morning I shall contact him as well.

They have never let me down in the past so this is probably teething problems associated with the move.

  pj123 15:22 05 Apr 2007

spuds, thanks for posting the link. I did forget. But, then, I do belong to the CRAFT Guild.

  choicestationery 16:00 05 Apr 2007


Thank you for your patience. All our issues are now sorted and normal service is resumed at Choice - apart from leaves on the line or the wrong type of snow, well it is April!

We had a meeting with Royal Mail this week, who by the way managed to loose over 1000 parcels for us in March, and we now sort at our warehouse to 128 individual sorting offices. This means the postbags leave us sealed to the 128 individual sorting offices across the UK.

This should mean that we are now back to a 48 hour delivery which is fantastic news for all our customers.

As usual please feel free to contact me directly should you have any issues.

And thanks again for your understanding and patience.


Paul Andrews

[email protected]

  oresome 16:40 05 Apr 2007

Is lost a euphamism for stolen?

All the parcels Royal Mail lose in a year must fill several aircraft hangers. You'd think someone would stumble across them eventually.

  pj123 16:49 05 Apr 2007

I think Royal Mail must have a special department called "Let's lose this Company's parcels this month"

Fortunately, I must be lucky because I have never had a non delivery due to a "missing in the post"

Let's hope it continues that way.

  March Hare 17:46 05 Apr 2007

For my archive.

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