Choice Stationery - Any recent problems ?

  Little Davel 10:53 30 Aug 2003

I have so far been impressed by Choice and started a positive post here about them some months ago. I recommend them a lot. But I am picking up negative messages from other forums about carts not working and adversely effecting the printer. I have just put my first cart in to my aging epson 600 - we'll see! Anybody else noticing a change in quality at Choice ?

  leo49 11:20 30 Aug 2003

Why put more creedence in anonymous rumours than in your own experience?

  plankton 11:45 30 Aug 2003

I've been using them for about 9 months, and did get one bad cart for my Epson C60, but I contacted them and they sent a replacement by return post. Obviously not all carts are going to be 100%, but there isnt any Faff from them as far as customer service is concerned.

I have a feeling that more people who dont know what theyre doing complain about those whose fault it isnt?! Did that make sense? :o)

  Little Davel 11:56 30 Aug 2003

These are not anonymous rumours but from a suppliers forum of a well known dvd website...the posts are from very established contributors (we have plenty of these on the PC Advisor forum ?) But I agree experience is the best test - sharing experience does no harm either.

  peter4076 12:30 30 Aug 2003

Have used Choice wayback on Epson 600, and 740 and the one I use now Epson Stylus color 880 absolutely no probs on delivery or quality, a 1st class service.

  shifty 16:39 30 Aug 2003

Only problems I have had is with the chipped cartridges for a C70, otherwise I've been using their cartidges on other printers for years. A good point is that if there is a problem they have a superb returns service.

  Joe McG 17:11 30 Aug 2003

In nearly 2 years of using choice, I have had 1 bad cartridge.

They told me to bin it, and another was with me within 48 hours.

Ps, I have ordered 100s of cartridges from them.

  microswift 17:41 30 Aug 2003

Did any of these negative messages refer to print head nozzles being blocked more than is usual ? Since using ink from Choice I've noticed this happen twice (from the use of just six cartridges), it never happened at all in two years of using Epsons own brand, apart from that I'm happy with the service from choice and the quality of prints from their ink.

  TBH1 18:23 30 Aug 2003

I'm with plankton here - -I don't think any company can guarantee 100% ( how do ya spell that - - - -oh, I know - -100% ) all of its products. The secret of good e-business, well, no real secret, is that if things do go wrong, the resolution is fast and easy. And plankton - - -what about your hard disk mate - - -has it arrived or what ??

  Little Davel 18:40 30 Aug 2003

I know that the company used to supply Printrite carts (which i found to be really good) but in an email said they now make their own. The dvd forum members are having probs ranging from having constantly clean the print heads, to carts arriving without ink, and compatible carts supplied not producing ink but originals appear to work fine. These folks appear to have used Choice in the past. May be only a blip or bad batch!

  plankton 11:17 31 Aug 2003

No. I'm really confused - I've had Three invoices now !! :o)

Little Davel

Sorry about that! Choice normally have the right attitude, what have they said when these people have complained? Or wont they tell that bit?? I would be surprised if they aint putting in some quality checks !? ;o)

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