Choice now selling cleaning cartridges

  TOPCAT® 19:56 17 Aug 2005

Received an e-mail just now with details as below. I might just use one to decoke my old Epson CS 760! :o) TC.

"The new range of Pressit cleaning cartridges are multi-use inkjet cartridges filled with a special inkjet cleaning fluid. The Pressit inkjet cleaning cartridge uses a safe solution of specially formulated solvents and detergents to clean the whole printhead quickly and thoroughly.

Using Pressit cleaning cartridges is the best way to keep your printer printing at peak performance and extend your printer's life. Reduce printer down-time and servicing costs by always having a set of Pressit cleaning cartridges available in your home and office.

Service your printer from as little as £1.59

Treat your printer today visit click here for more details or telephone 0800 093 9040."

  Happy Soul 20:02 17 Aug 2005

It looks like I will have to buy 6 @ £4 each for my Epson R300.

  Stuartli 23:49 21 Aug 2005

Have a look at:

click here

  WHU 22:15 08 Apr 2006

Has anyone used these PressIt cleaners from Choice?
Are they any good?

  ade.h 22:24 08 Apr 2006

Thanks TC. I could use those.

  bluto1 22:57 08 Apr 2006

I`ve used pressit cleaning cartridges and it wasn`t until after the third cleaning that things improved. I type and print a great deal,
up to 100 A4 sheets a day and I suspect that my print heads were pretty well gunged up. That would explain why it took so long. I was then using a workhorse of a printer, an Epson C44UX that I`d inherited from my brother, and 1st clean was followed by about a weeks work, then another clean, another week and another clean.
After all that (I`ve said) I`d add that `yes they work` but I feel it might be an individual thing, depending on what you want from your printer.

  WHU 14:50 09 Apr 2006

Thanks bluto1. Ive just ordered the Cyan PressIt cleaner and a new Cyan cartridge. Im getting terrible banding whenever i print anything cyan, blue, green or grey. Ive tried cleaing the heads a number of times, and gone through the re-alignment process a few times, so im going to give my cyan head a clean and fit a new cartridge and see what happens, and take it from there.
Why would grey be coming out with banding? My black cartridge seems fine, or does grey somehow print using the other colours?!?!?

  TOPCAT® 17:09 09 Apr 2006

my old Epson CS 760 - made the fatal error of not using it for quite awhile. I found a website that gave instructions on how to dismantle my model for intensive cleaning. Followed the instructions to the letter and applied the required isopropyl alcohol using a syringe and a short piece of small bore rubber tube. That makes a good seal against the printhead. I then re-assembled the machine, installed new cartridges and set it to work, but I still had some banding which would not clear with normal auto cleaning.

This time I removed the cartridges, placed absorbent paper under the printhead and forced the iso-alcohol down the ink tubes. Left it to soak in for about thirty minutes and was relieved to find it had cleared. Printer is fine now but I make sure it is used at least once every week.

I purchased two cleaning cartidges with my last order from Choice, but haven't had to try them out as yet. Still have plenty of iso-alcohol left, which, for five hundred mils, is quite cheap to buy from any good chemist. It is highly flammable though so use with care. TC.

  David4637 14:01 10 Apr 2006

Can you give us the link that you used to clean the print head using isopropanol? Thanks David

  TOPCAT® 20:52 10 Apr 2006

click here

The actual printhead cleaning comes at page four.

The second method I used - see above - is much easier to do and could save a lot of work!! ;o) TC.

  WHU 18:20 11 Apr 2006

Can someone tell me if its ok to remove a cartridge that is half full, then clean the printers heads, then insert the half full cartridge again? After putting the cartridge back in, will there be some ink that flows out and make a horrible mess everywhere?

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