Choice of 3 tablets for school use.

  lottied 17:18 15 Jul 2014

My daughter is going into the final year of A levels in September. School have always provided laptops but have just last week said we now have to buy one - from them! There is a choice of 3. All on Windows 8 with MS Office, CS5 & 'other departmental software'. Also includes 3yr warranty & insurance against theft & accidental damage.

1)ERGO Hybrid 101 10.1'' screen, Intel Atom 2.4GHz, 64GB storage & 4GB memory.£290.00

2)Lenovo Miix 210 10.1''screen, Intel Atom 1.3GHz, 64GB storage & 2GB memory £370.00

3) Dell Venue 11 10.8'' screen, Intel Atom 2.4GHz, 64GB storage & 2GB memory. £465.00

She is studying media, art & photography, so I am assuming she will neeed speed for videos & space for photos (though she could use external storage for this once edited) I am not up on anything to do with computers so any advise from people who are please?! Thank you.

  The Kestrel 19:06 15 Jul 2014

I don't know whether you were supplied with this data about the three tablets: click here Ergo tablet looks good value compared with the other two and comes with the same 3 year warranty and accidental damage cover. I did try to find reviews for the tablet but Google came up with zero, so cannot comment on reliability, performance etc.


  Woolwell 21:56 15 Jul 2014

It's a Dell Venue 11 Pro and it should be less than £465 Dell business but depends on where the school is getting it from and it has a good warranty.

The Lenova seems overpriced too Amazon but you have to add on warranty.

The Kestrel's link explains the prices.

These are not laptops. Personally I wouldn't want to edit videos on any of them.

  lottied 22:20 15 Jul 2014

Thanks The Kestrel & Woolwell. Yes the link to comparisons is the one we have been given,difference is the monthly cost as she's year 13 so only 1 year to pay over. Also just noticed ours doesn't mention dual or quad core,would that make much of a difference? I don't think it's editing videos on these, just watching. I never was any good at making decisions!

  spuds 09:57 16 Jul 2014

Before going any further with purchasing from the school, I would request more details from those involved with the sales.

I say this because, I seem to recall a scheme that involved PC World/Currys some time ago, that seemed very impressive, especially on the warranty terms. It was only later that people started to have problems, because the way the contracts were set-up, and people were expected to make 'final payments' to cover 'leasing' and maintenance costs.

Not saying this is the case here, but being told that you had to purchase from the school would lead me to make further checks and peace of mind, especially how any 'insurance' works?.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:29 16 Jul 2014

lottied, in principle tablet #1 in your list should give the best performance because it has 4GB of RAM. The remaining two have just 2GB which is barely enough for Windows 8 let alone Windows 8 and Adobe CS5.

It's worth pointing out that none of them can be classed as powerful so don't expect good performance.

EDIT: Are you sure the Ergo comes with an Intel Atom @2.40Ghz? Their website says it actually has an Intel Celeron N2805. Please check again and confirm as the Celeron is four times slower than the Atom.

  HondaMan 20:15 16 Jul 2014

Sounds as if the school are trying to make a profit out of this. Software4students give good deals on software if you qualify.

I would be very suspicious of any compulsion to buy from a specific source. What, for instance is the "Departmental Software"?

  wee eddie 20:24 16 Jul 2014

I suspect the dreaded footprint of Mr Gove here!

  Woolwell 20:32 16 Jul 2014

It's an academy school (around long before Mr Gove) branching out to make money under hire and sale of IT equipment future schools trust. The nag may be that if you have a student at one of those schools you are effectively being pushed into buying from them otherwise you could end with different systems to the majority of the other students.

  Woolwell 20:32 16 Jul 2014

The snag not the nag!

  lottied 15:04 20 Jul 2014

Thanks to all for your replies. Sounds like some of you know what school it is!

Having queried the Ergo processor with the school the response was that their original quote was wrong & it is the N2805. I can't find the update on school website, maybe I'm not looking in the right place? Now even more confused though because a quick call to (a very helpful) Ergo & I was told we will receive 3rd gen of these tablets with an N2830 which is equivalent to the 2.4 on the qoute?!

I have also been told there is a bank of laptops the students can book out.There was no mention of this but I don't suppose they will be able to bring them home so could be a pain.

My main issue is that this is all for 9 months at school, could put the money towards something a lot better.

Appreciate all the comments & will keep looking for more should you have any.

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