robbiepaul79 08:22 05 Nov 2008

Hi folks

Any thoughts on this company before i give them my hard earned cash.

Thanks for input


  Taff™ 11:55 05 Nov 2008

What is it you`re going to buy and can you link to the site?

  Joe R 12:00 05 Nov 2008


I know of at least three people who have used this company to buy systems.

All have went back to the same place, and have been happy with the service.

They are also regular winners in the top five systems in PCA, as well as other Mag's.

  robbiepaul79 17:56 05 Nov 2008

ahh sorry this was a last minute post Taff forgot to add that im looking to purchase a new pc system

click here

  JYPX 22:09 05 Nov 2008

I have recently bought the Chillblast "Quiet PC" (Fusion Phantom). The spec was not modified by me in any way - Chillblast know what they are doing - other than Windows XP chosen instead of Vista. A lot of money for a base unit but I am very pleased with the order process, and with the machine. The Lian Li case is a thing of beauty (or maybe I am just easily pleased). After delivery a couple of simple (dumb?) questions from me about Riva Tuner, Fan speeds, and 3DMark, were answered (within about 20 minutes) by a long, detailed e-mail explaining how the pc had been set up - and why, in language tailored to my knowledge level.

  robbiepaul79 07:31 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for the response JYPX sounds good.

  GaT7 21:12 06 Nov 2008

robbiepaul79, I suppose it goes without saying, but buy a system that suits your needs. G

  HXP 21:49 06 Nov 2008

I tried to ring them over 2 days and as well as it being an 0845 number got queued and cut off six times, once after waiting for about 15 mins. Different times of the day etc

After Sales Help: 0845 45678 30
Pre-Sales Help: 0845 45678 30

I want a new PC for end Nov.

Their faults hotline and sales hotline are the same number - if they can't answer the phone for a new enquiry I don't hold much hope out if you need help.

Going to try better /similar prices.

Very worried about dealing with Chillblast.

  robbiepaul79 22:09 06 Nov 2008

i have had no problem with contact i was given a direct number to an advisor no the ones listed on site but thanks for your concerns.

  HXP 16:49 09 Nov 2008

Well I rang them back and spoke to areally helpful guy who gave me some good advice - I have ordered a Sidewinder withan extra HDD £1,214.84 inc delivery

Chillblast Fusion Sidewinder
Cooler Master CM690 Dominator Black
Intel Core 2 Quad Core Q6600 overclocked up to 3.2GHz
Replace standard 120mm fans with ultra quiet versions
Asus P5Q Pro P45 Motherboard
4GB PC2-6400 Memory
Chillblast Radeon HD 4870 512MB
750GB 7200RPM Hard Disk
750GB 7200RPM Hard Disk
Onboard Gigabit Networking
Standard 20x DL DVD±RW SATA Optical Drive
Additional 20x DL DVD±RW SATA Optical Drive
Thermaltake High Performance 500W PSU
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit OEM
Windows Vista Optimisation Service
Samsung SM-2253BW Aqua 22" Widescreen TFT Monitor 1
Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller USB (Suitable for Windows)
Ahead Nero Express v7 OEM
Norton Antivirus 2008 OEM

Will let you know how I get on


  HXP 00:06 21 Nov 2008

Ramg them today as I placed my order 7/11/08 and was hoping for delivery this week and it had been in build and test for a week.

They have had some problems with the Coolermaster case for my machine, ( poor paint quality ) I rang them late last week and would have thought that problem was apparent then.

They suggested an alternate case which I accepted and asked about delivery and was told Monday which I suppose in the strict letter of the law is just within quoted 7 - 10 day time.

I asked about Saturday delivery which could be done for an extra £10, hoping they would waive this as a gesture of good will.

Margins are tight so no joy there ( bit disappointed ) so cancelled Norton Antivirus 2009 £19 to cover.

I have a 3 licence version of Norton Suite 2008 so that wil be ok for a bit.

All quite friendly but I am a little intrugued as to why the problem with the case was not spotted sooner.

Amyway hoping for delivery Saturday promised before noon - if that happens and machine is ok then I will still be fairly happy.

Free upgrade delivery (£10) would have made me a very happy customer.

What price customer service - a tennr apparently.

Will keep you updated


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