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  Confab 12:28 02 Jul 2005

I know I shouldn’t be teaching granny how to suck eggs but I thought that I should share with you an experience I’ve recently had with my ISP.

I’ve been with Madasafish click here for some time now and I’ve been very happy with the service so far. 1MB unlimited broadband for £27.99 per month. Wow, I hear you say, that’s a bit pricey. Well I thought so too so I had a look at what they now have to offer. On checking their site I discovered that they now have a 2MB service with a 2GB limit for £17.99 per month. You can check your daily/monthly usage easily and it’s updated every hour or so. I noticed that I’ve only gone over 2MB twice in the last 6 months despite using my computer every day. Not bad I thought so I signed up last week.

Yesterday I received an e-mail saying that my 2MB service was now live and because I’ve been a “loyal customer” the 2GB limit has been increased to 5GB. All for £17.99. I also get a free domain name with 20GB of webspace, which I’ve been messing about with this morning, although I can’t think of what to put on my web page at the moment apart from “This page is under construction”, I’m sure I’ll think of something!

So the point to my tale is? Check to see what your ISP now has to offer. You could be paying more than you need to and also missing out on a faster connection or a better deal.

Have a good day


  spuds 13:46 02 Jul 2005

Sounds like a very good offer, I wonder if you twisted their arm a little, as a new customer, you could receive the increased 'loyal customer' package.

My Tiscali package was uprated recently, and I seem to have fast [upto 1mg] or very slow, depending on time of day. Worth a consideration on moving services, but I wonder how long it will be, before other ISP's follow, with better cheaper packages!.

  pj123 14:03 02 Jul 2005

My NTL 2mb BB at £24.99 has a 30gb per month cap (or 1gb per day). I don't think I use a tenth of that. I think you should check your 20gb of webspace though, or do you mean 20mb?

  Confab 14:08 02 Jul 2005

Thanks pj123.

Yes I do mean 20mb not 20gb.


  Stuartli 14:36 02 Jul 2005

The vast majority of ISPs have been providing faster and cheaper services, including for existing customers, following the upgrading of its broadband abilities by BT that's combined with a reduced wholesale cost to ISPs.

  Stuartli 14:39 02 Jul 2005

It also accounts for much of the staggering increase in broadband takeup across the UK since first being revealed earlier this year.

Tiscali, for instance, was charging £14.99 a month (now £1 more) for its 1MB service which included free setup and modem - that was the price it has been charging for its AnyTime DialUp for some time...:-)

  Confab 14:55 02 Jul 2005

The 5Gb per month is now open to all with free modem and no set up fees and the first 2 months are also free

Great IMHO


  gizajob 20:54 02 Jul 2005

Sounds like a great deal from Madasafish. Excuse my ignorance but can someone please tell me what IMHO stand for.



  Confab 20:59 02 Jul 2005

No problem.

An abbreviation for "In My Humble Opinion"


  gizajob 21:06 02 Jul 2005

Of course it does. I just had a "senior moment" and couldn't think straight.



  Confab 12:19 06 Jul 2005

I'll close this thread now Its actually 50MB of webspace and if you migrate you also get 4 months free.


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