check out these babies

  acceptmyname 19:26 29 Aug 2007

I am hoping to purchase these when I get paid this month if anybody knows were I can get them at a better price please share your knowledge

click here

  Stuartli 19:28 29 Aug 2007

Enter the brand and model number into Google UK.

  PP321 20:59 29 Aug 2007

And goto a store and listen to them before you part with ur hard earned cash, there not big speaker units and will probably have questionable sound quality.

  Stuartli 22:59 29 Aug 2007

Size isn't the benchmark for speakers - quality of design and components are just as important, along with that of the source being played.

  Arnie 18:42 30 Aug 2007

I notice a lot of hype is written about the Voix MPX.
Terms like “mould breaking, amazing soundscape and fighting weight” mean nothing relative to a product’s audio quality.

A powerful 3.5" subwoofer is mentioned.
I can’t imagine a good rounded bass response could be produced from a speaker of this size, even in a tuned ported quality cabinet.
Also, the stated output watts do not explain whether they are peak-to-peak or true RMS values.
No amplifier signal to noise ratios are mentioned.
At £265 you would think a full technical description would be provided for audio aficionados.

This wouldn’t matter too much with a sensibly priced system, but I would rather buy one of these Altec Lansing FX4021 2.1 PC speakers systems and save £165.

click here=

If you do decide to part with your hard-earned cash, at least do what PP321 suggests and go to a store and spend some time listening to the Voix system.

Some time ago I bought a Technics electronic organ.
This was fitted with an 8 inch bass unit.
It was only when I added a Wharfedale Glendale tuned port cabinet with a fitted 10 inch speaker to the system, was I able to appreciate the excellent pedal note frequencies of the instrument.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:52 30 Aug 2007

'there not big speaker units and will probably have questionable sound quality.' word...Bose.


  Arnie 20:23 30 Aug 2007

Bose, now your speaking.

With the right amplifiers, a demolition company would be proud of them!

  PP321 21:35 30 Aug 2007

@ Stuartli & Gandalf

Im not saying you cant get good quality sound from small speakers, its ALLWAYS the low end that suffers , clever design gets you so far, but there is no substitute for volume air movement which is what low end needs , and only phisically bigger speakers can do.

Sure small speakers can produce a full rich sound, but turn the wick up and things get messy because they simply dont have the volume air movement.

  PP321 21:38 30 Aug 2007

My spelling is shocking in that post haha ^^

Also i forgot to add , before spending THAT MUCH , and they are expensive, on a pair of speakers , i'd wanna hear what they sound like first!

They do look the part though.

  Stuartli 23:53 30 Aug 2007

You clearly haven't heard my Audiomaster MLS1 bookshelf speakers....:-)

But I do support your comment about listening to speakers first (with the proviso that they are provided with a quality input).

Which is the reason why I bought my Audiomasters nearly 30 years ago and haven't found any necessity to change them.

  PP321 07:50 31 Aug 2007

I say again , im not saying small speakers cant sound good, of course they can , im just saying that if yor after big punchy bass sound , these may not fit the bill.

23 years ago my brother bought a micro hifi system made by a company called "Tensai"

The speakers that came with it were astonishing , 3 and half inch drivers with a tweeter , the speakers stood about six inches high, the bass was phenominal for the size of them, and to this day iv'e heard nothing to rival them (for thier size).

So yeah i know they can soung good, but they need to made right.

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